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Download Google Camera 7.3.020 APK Android Devices [Latest]

Lately, Google had released an update for the stock GCam App on the Pixel series of phones. The version bearing build number brought several system-related upgrades for the Google Camera app. Now, the search-engine giant has released another update bearing build number 7.3.020 to bring more stability for the Android phones running GCam app. Hence, the installation of the latest Google Camera 7.3.020 is a must, if you are looking for a streamlined and a better image capturing experience.

Gcam 7.3

Download GCam Google Camera 7.3.020 APK

Check out how to install Google Camera 6.1 (GCam) APK on Oppo A9 2020 and Oppo A5 2020.

When version 7 for the Google Cam was released, it brought with it a tweaked user interface that gives more space on the screen for taking photos/videos and some alarming bug fixes. Later, the GCam 7.2 brought ‘Infinity-Focus‘ in Night-Sight and how can we forget the amazing Astrophotography feature. Overall, what Google has done with a single lens; manufacturers of mobile devices are not able to do it even with multiple lenses which makes the GCam app a must-have on your Android device.

Download Google Camera 7.3.020 APK for Android

Speaking about the latest GCam 7.3.020 APK, the most noted feature is that DND mode is enabled automatically whenever you resort to recording a video from your phone. Users are going crazy on this feature as now they can record beautiful moments on their Android mobile devices without any interruption in between that could ruin the entire recording experience. Below we are providing you the latest GCam 7.3.020 APK file that you can download and install on your Android devices irrespective of the fact whether you own a Pixel phone or not.

  • Google Camera 7.3.020 APK for Pixel series of phones – Click Here to Download.
  • Google Camera 7.3.020 APK from Google Drive – Click Here to Download.


Please note that the GCam 7.3.020 APK downloaded from the links from Google Drive and Box Mirror should work flawlessly on a majority of the Android devices running Android 10 or 9 like Poco F1, OnePlus 7/7 Pro, 7T/7T Pro, Galaxy S-series from Samsung, and much of the phones from Nokia. For your convenience, we have provided the links as well in this post regarding the installation of the Google Camera on popular Android mobile phones. Those who are looking at how to enable the Astrophotography feature on GCam 7+ can check it from here.

Install Google Camera 7.3.020 APK on Android [STEPS]

Before we share the dedicated links of installing the GCam app on popular Android mobile devices, check out the general installation steps that you require following.

  • Please toggle ON the option of  ‘Unknown Sources‘ in Settings > Security before proceeding ahead.
  • Make sure you have downloaded the APK file on your Android device. Tap on the APK file to initiate the installation process.


  • It will take only a few minutes for the installation to complete. Once completed, tap on Done to exit from the installation window.

The following is the section that you are waiting for. Check out the dedicated links highlighting the installation steps including the pre and post steps for running GCam APK on popular Android phones apart from the Pixel lineup.

Final Words – Download Latest GCam 7.3 APK for Android 

Google Camera app has now become indispensable for every Android phone owner who is looking to capture great pics and impressive videos. If you are utilizing an Android phone that is not mentioned in the links provided above, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below and we will assist you in installing the glorious Google Camera app on it. Looking forward to hearing about your experience as well.

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