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Google Camera 7.2 for Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold is a sight to behold. Undoubtedly, wherever you must be carrying this device, people around you must be intrigued by the sheer amazement the device carries with it. With Samsung Galaxy Fold, you can own a mobile device and a tablet together. When you open the device, the 4.6 inches ‘cover’ display gives way to the 7.3 inches mammoth display with unbeatable sophistication. Speaking about the cameras, the Fold doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a cover camera of 10 MP, the front camera of 10 MP + 8 MP, and a triple-rear camera of 16 MP + 12 MP + 12 MP. In this post, we are going to tell you how to take the camera performance of the Fold, several notches higher from its current level.

Google Camera on samsung galaxy fold

Google Camera 7.2 for Samsung Galaxy Fold

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This is possible by installing Google Camera 7.2 on Samsung Galaxy Fold. Google, through its Pixel line up, as you might already know, has made it clear to the world that a single camera can achieve feats that are impossible for even a triple camera to achieve. The entire credit for this goes to the complex algorithms running behind-the-scenes in the GCamera application. Now, through the steps mentioned in this post, you can install GCam 7.2 APK on Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Google Camera 7.2 on Samsung Galaxy Fold – Features

You must be interested to know that what features you will get from the GCamera port that will get installed on Galaxy Fold. To end your curiosity, the following is the list of features present in the GCam port.

  • New UI
  • RAW support
  • Brand new panorama UI
  • Portrait Mode
  • Quick access to Lens mode by long-pressing the viewfinder.
  • Audio recording toggle in Panorama mode
  • Live Lens
  • H265 video recording
  • Motion Autofocus
  • Top Shot
  • Group Selfies
  • Night Sight
  • Photo Booth
  • Super Res Zoom

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Download GCam 7.2 on Samsung Galaxy Fold

Click Here to Download Google Camera 7.2 on Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Going forward, the following are the steps to install GCamera 7.2 on your Galaxy mobile device.

Install Google Camera on Samsung Galaxy Fold

  • Make sure that you have enabled the option of ‘Unknown Sources‘ before proceeding ahead.
  • Simply tap on the APK file that you have downloaded from the above link to initiate the installation process.
  • The process is exactly similar to installing a regular APK file. Please provide the necessary permissions to GCam port APK for the installation to continue.


  • The installation will complete in a few minutes and post successful installation, please tap on ‘Done‘ to exit the installation screen.

Great! You have successfully installed GCamera 7.2 APK on your mobile device. Please make sure to set up the following recommended settings prior to launching the GCam application.

GCam 7.2 on Samsung Galaxy Fold – Recommended Settings

  • Please navigate to the Settings of the Camera app. Thereafter, go to¬† Mod Settings > Advanced > Fix > select View Finder Format > change it to YUV_420_888.
  • Go to the Settings of the Camera app again. Head over to Mod Settings > Advanced > Saturation Settings.
    • Back Camera Highlight Saturation to 1.7 & Shadow Saturation to 2.3
    • Front Camera¬†Highlight Saturation to 1.1 & Shadow Saturation to 2.0

Now, you must be thrilled to know about the Astrophotography feature of GCam 7+. The following are the steps that you require following to enable Astrophotography on your Fold device.

Enable Astrophotography feature on GCam Mod

  • Please launch the GCam app on your Galaxy Device.
  • Make your way to Settings > Developer Settings.


  • Under developer settings, you require enabling the following three options.
    • camera.cuttle.darken
    • camera.cuttle.extended
    • camera.cuttle.extended_iterable_burst
  • Next, from the main UI of the camera, access the Night Sight mode and swipe down to go to Settings.


  • Please enable Infinity Focus and set time to 3 seconds.
  • That’s it! You can use the astrophotography mode now on the GCamera mod.

Final Words – GCam Mod 7.2 APK on Samsung Galaxy

You can start using the GCam mod now on your Fold mobile device. Please let us know about your experience of using the Google camera application in the comments section provided below.

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