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Top 5 best keyboard apps for android! [2020]

Have you ever noticed that a majority of the common tasks that you perform on your mobile device utilize a Google app? For navigation you rely on Google Maps; for video calling you rely on Google Duo, and then there are Google Translate, Google Mail, Google Tasks, and what not. Here we are going to hit some of the 5 best keyboard apps for android [2020].


5 Best Free Keyboard Apps For Android 2020

Now, you might not have ever thought of but there exist cool alternatives to Gboard as well. In this post, we are going to have a look at Top 5 best android keyboard apps [2020].

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5 best android keyboards for Android [2020]

1. SwiftKey

Except for the Google Search, SwiftKey is very much similar to Gboard as far as features and functionalities are concerned. There are themes available for those like to play around with the look and feel of their mobile device’s keyboard. Similar to Gboard, SwiftKey supports the quick transition to different languages, stickers, GIFs, and emojis. As far as emojis are concerned, SwiftKey displays the emoji list vertically instead of the typical horizontal style in Gboard. One feature that SwiftKey has but Gboard doesn’t is the inbuilt clipboard that allows you to pin content along with a host of other features.


Click Here to Download SwiftKey Keyboard.

2. Chrooma Keyboard

The crazy feature of Chrooma Keyboard that makes it as one of the best android keyboards 2020, is that the theme and color of the keyboard modifies in accordance with the app that you are utilizing. For example, if you are in WhatsApp, Chrooma will support a green color. Likewise, the app will support blue color when opening in Twitter. Even Night Mode is supported by Chrooma keyboard. Apart from this, Chrooma has all the standard features provided by Gboard like AI prediction, stickers, GIFs, and gestures. The keyboard doesn’t have Google Search and an emoji search facility and still it is one of the best keyboard apps for android.


Click Here to Download Chrooma Keyboard.

3. Fleksy Keyboard

Are you tired of selecting the emoji skin tone every time you select one on Gboard? If ‘Yes‘ then Fleksy is the right choice for you as it allows you to set the emoji skin tone once and for all. Though one-hand and swipe typing are not present in Fleksy, it allows you to set up hot keys, text-shortcuts, and more. The quick launch feature allows you to keep frequently used email addresses, contacts, as well as commonly used apps right under your fingertips. Though, we keep they keyboard tone silent almost all the time, if you do use it; you can alter its sound to heart or fire pops. Google is notorious for recording our searches and personal data; however, that is not the case with Fleksy since it stores all information pertaining to you locally on your Android device and still this is one of the best keyboards for Android tablets.


Click Here to Download Fleksy Keyboard.

4. Ginger Keyboard

If you type a majority of your important emails and communications on your mobile device, then you must go with Ginger Keyboard. On Gboard, you just get to know the right spelling for a word; however, on Ginger, you also get to know whether the sentence framed by you is grammatically correct or not. While it might not happen in a speed that you are expecting, but it is not bad either especially if it saves you from sending grammatically incorrect communications from your mobile device. GIF, stickers, themes, and key spacing customization are the other major features of the Ginger Keyboard. This can be called of as one the best free keyboard app that’s available in the market.


Click Here to Download Ginger Keyboard.

5. A.I. Type Keyboard

This is a paid app that features unique emojis not present elsewhere, tons of free themes and the ability to create your own theme. You can personalize the app in accordance with your liking as it allows you to customize almost everything in the app. Word prediction, auto-correction, on-keyboard search, and voice narration are some of the other major features of the A.I. Type Keyboard.


Click Here to Download A.I. Type Keyboard.

Conclusion  – Best keyboard apps for android [2020]

These were some of the best keyboard apps 2020 on Android apart from Google Keyboard. Choose the one that you like and change how it feels when typing on your Android mobile device. If you have any other app to recommend to our readers, please mention the same in the comments section provided below.

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