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[How-To] Download Google Camera 7.2 for Vivo Z1x and Vivo Z1 Pro

Launched in July 2019, the Vivo Z-series debuted in India with Vivo Z1 Pro. Later, in September 2019, another device from the Z-Series, Vivo Z1x was launched. Featuring a better screen and a better camera with a minute price increase over Vivo Z1 Pro, the Vivo Z1x sold like hotcakes. As far as multi-tasking and lag-free experience is concerned, both devices perform equally well since both runs on Snapdragon 712 processor. Coming to the camera, as of now, there is none better than Google Camera. The powerful software running behind the GCam application simply enhances the ability of the camera.


Download Google Camera 7.2 for Vivo Z1x and Vivo Z1 Pro

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We get it what you might be thinking now. Does Vivo Z1 Pro support Google Camera? Does Vivo Z1 Pro support GCam? Does Vivo Z1x support Google Camera 7.2? Can we enable the Astrophotography feature of GCam on Vivo Z1x? First things first! Vivo Z1 Pro and Vivo Z1x do support the amazing GCam 7.2. In this post, we are going to share with you the elaborate steps for installing Google Camera 7.2 on Vivo Z1 Pro and Vivo Z1x.

Google Camera 7.2 on Vivo Z1x & Vivo Z1 Pro – Features

Before we move to the installation part, it will be interesting to know the working features of GCam that you will get post-installation of the Google Camera on Vivo Z1x and Vivo Z1 Pro. Following is the quick list.

  • HDR+ > Click fantastic pictures in low-light or back lit conditions.
  • Night Sight > Though we have night sight inbuilt in Vivo Z-Series devices, the Night Sight feature of Google Camera is indeed more powerful.
  • Super Res Zoom > Zoom into pictures without the blur.
  • Top Shot > Capture amazing shots where no one is blinking.
  • Google Lens Suggestions > Capture info automatically by simply pointing your device at contact info, bar codes, and URLs.
  • Portrait > The portrait mode on Google Camera pops-out the subject of the photo while changing the background to black and white.
  • RAW Support
  • Panorama Mode

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As far as the Astrophotography feature is concerned, you needn’t put much effort to activate it as the same is already enabled in the GCam 7.2 APK that we are going to share below. However, if the same doesn’t work, you can follow the steps mentioned at the end of this post to enable the feature.

Download GCam 7.2 on Vivo Z1 Pro and Vivo Z1x

Click Here to Download GCam 7.2 for Vivo Z1 Pro and Vivo Z1x.

Click Here to Download GCam 7.0 for Vivo Z1 Pro and Vivo Z1x.

Install Google Camera on Vivo Z1 Pro and Vivo Z1x

  • Once the APK file from the above-provided link is successfully downloaded, please tap on the same to commence the installation procedure.
  • Install the same as a regular APK file.
  • Make sure you provide the required permissions to the application.


  • Once the installation is successful, please tap on ‘Done‘ to exit the installation screen.

Great! You have successfully installed Google Camera on Vivo Z1 Pro or Vivo Z1x. Now, you need to follow the below provided recommended settings to make the GCam app work seamlessly.

GCam 7.2 on Vivo Z1 Pro and Vivo Z1x – Recommended Settings

  • Please download the Config file from here.
  • After the successful download of the Config file, please use ES File Explorer for extracting the contents of the Config file to the root folder.
  • In the root folder, please create a new folder named GCam and then inside the GCam folder, create another folder named Configs.
  • Please copy the extracted Config.xml file in this Configs folder.
  • Now, please launch the Google camera application and double tap on the blank area present next to the shutter button.
  • Choose the XML file that you copied in the Configs folder and tap on the ‘Restore‘ button.
  • That’s it! Please restart the GCam application again.
  • Now you are all set to get some amazing shots from your Vivo Z1 Pro and Vivo Z1x.

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Enable Google Astrophotography Feature on GCam Mod

  • Please launch the GCam app on your Vivo Device.
  • Go to Settings > Developer Settings.
  • Under developer settings, you require enabling the following three options.
    • camera.cuttle.darken
    • camera.cuttle.extended
    • camera.cuttle.extended_iterable_burst


  • Next, please access the Night Sight mode from the main UI of the GCam application and swipe down to access the Settings.


  • Here, please enable Infinity Focus and set the time to 3 seconds for using the Astrophotography feature.
  • Congrats! Night Sight mode is modified to Astrophotography mode now.

Final Words – GCam 7.2 on Vivo – Z Series of Mobile Devices

That was all that you need to know to install Google Camera 7.2 on Vivo Z1 Pro and Vivo Z1x. Drop-in your comments below if you face any issues while following the process. Let us know about your experience of using the GCam app.

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