[How-To] Fix ‘Unable to Open Camera’ Error on Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8 Plus

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It is being reported that people owning a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are struggling with an error “Unable to Open Camera” which comes up on launching the camera application. The same issue is being reported by some people on other Galaxy devices as well. A lot of hardware or software issues can be the reason behind this error. If the issue is in hardware then we really can’t get rid of the issue ourselves. However, software issues can, certainly, be fixed. In this post we will deal with software issues itself and help you troubleshoot your device ruling out one possibility after another so that the exact issue in the software can be found.

fix unable to open camera on samsung galaxy s8/s8+

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Troubleshooting Methods | How to Fix ‘Unable to Open Camera’ on Galaxy S8 / S8+

Here are the complete working methods on How to Fix “Unable to open Camera” on Samsun Galaxy S8/S8+. We have tried the below given methods and they are working completely fine without any much hassle. Now a days most of the devices face out this Unable to Open Camera and when it comes to flagship device like Samsung galaxy S8/S8+, its  quite annoying isn’t it? So here is the complete fix:

Method 1: Resetting Camera Application

For resetting camera application on your S8 or S8+ follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • On your Galaxy device please navigate to Settings -> Apps  and locate the Camera application.
  • Click on the respective settings of camera application.
  • You need to tap on ‘Clear Data‘ & ‘Clear Cache‘ for resetting the camera application.
  • Launch the camera application and the error should be gone by now.

In case this didn’t work for you then try out the next troubleshooting methods provided-below.

Method 2: Deleting System Cache

For deleting system cache you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • As a first please shut down your device.
  • Next, press and hold Volume Up + Bixby key along with the Power key.
  • Your phone will switch on and you will be seeing an Android Recovery menu in front of you.


  • Using the Volume Down key scroll through the options and highlight ‘Wipe Cache Partition.’
  • Press the ‘Power‘ button to select the option and thereafter using the volume keys select ‘Yes‘ to provide your confirmation for wiping the cache.
  • Cool! Once this is done; from the same Menu select ‘Reboot System.’
  • Once your device powers up you should be able to use the Camera application.

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Method 3: Try Launching the Camera App in Safe Mode



  • If your camera works in Safe Mode then this means that an application or service which you have recently installed  could be causing the issue.
  • For rebooting in Safe Mode; as a first, please switch off your device and press and hold the power key to switch it on.
  • As soon as the Samsung Logo appears release the power key and hold the Volume Down key.
  • Keep on holding it and let the device reboot.
  • You will be able to see the ‘Safe Mode‘ option now. Highlight it using Volume keys and tap the Power Button to select.
  • Now, launch the camera application in Safe Mode.
  • If it is working then you need to uninstall the applications which you recently installed and prior to which your camera was working fine.
Method 4: Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus

Before performing a hard reset please take a backup of your essential data as everything will be erased from your device.  Moreover, you also need to disable Factory Reset Protection feature. For that please follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Navigate to Settings -> Cloud & Accounts -> Accounts -> Google.
  • Select your Google Account and remove it by utilizing the option of ‘Remove Account‘ from the Menu.

For doing a hard reset you can employ any of the following two ways:

#1: From Settings
  • Navigate to Settings -> General Management -> Reset and select the option of ‘Factory Data Reset.’
  • Tap on ‘Reset Device’ and your smartphone will reboot once the process is done.
#2: Using Android Recovery
  • For this you again need to access the Android Recovery menu where you went to delete the System Cache.
  • In this menu an option of ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’ will be present.
  • Highlight and confirm the option using Volume and Power key respectively.
  • After the reset process is done, from the same menu, select the ‘Reboot System Now‘ to restart your S8 device.

Camera not Working Galaxy S8/S8+ | Fix ‘Unable to Open Camera’ Error S8/ S8+

So, these were the methods through which you can resolve ‘Unable to Open Camera’ error on Galaxy S8 / S8+ device. Your camera must start working after employing any one of the above-mentioned methods. However, if the camera still doesn’t work then there are strong chances that there is something wrong with the hardware. Immediately visit the service center to get it rectified.

In case you have any questions to ask or doubts to get cleared please use the comments section below to let us know.

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