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Download and Install Gaming Mode APK on Android Devices

One of the primary reason for buying high-end smartphones, both Android & iOS, is smartphone gaming. Smartphone gaming is the segment which is rapidly evolving. A12 Bionic chip in the new iPhone XS/XS Max & iPhone XR has revolutionized gaming in iOS as the new iPhones are capable to run Fortnite in 60 FPS as well. However, we are talking about Android here. The most annoying thing while playing games on your smartphone is the incoming call or notifications. Taking note of the same, XDA senior member fundoozzz released a Gaming Mode application for Android 5.0+ devices. Download XMODGames Latest APK 2.3.6Hack Clash of Clans (CoC) Using XMODGames APK.

download gaming mode apk

Download and Install Gaming Mode APK on Android Devices.

The whole development of the gaming mode application is done with the idea to apply certain settings automatically whenever an Android user starts playing a game on their smartphones. Now, certain people might not get annoyed by calls and might want calls to come up during their gaming session, but might not want notifications. For some persons, the reverse might be true. The Gaming Mode APK helps users to set different settings as per their liking, whenever they initiate a gaming session on their Android devices.

Gaming Mode APK on Android Devices – Features

The Gaming Mode APK comes in standard as well as professional mode. Following are the standard features of the Gaming Mode APK. You can choose which features to turn on during your gaming session.

latest gaming mode apk

  • Auto Reject Incoming calls.
  • Block notifications.
  • Clear Background Apps to free up RAM & Boost Performance.
  • Disable auto brightness & set it to your desired level.
  • Change Wi-Fi state.
  • Change Ringtone & Media Volume.

The features don’t end here. Following are the upcoming pro features which the developer will add soon to the application. Please note that the following features will be available on Android 7.0+ OS only. Do check: Play PSP Games on Android Without Root (Step by Step Guide)

Following are the additional features that you can get by choosing the professional version of the application.

  • Whitelist numbers or contacts from getting auto-rejected.
  • Allow calls from unknown numbers while auto reject is on.
  • Allow calls when they are received from the same number for a specified number of times within specified minutes.
  • Suppress calls instead of auto-rejecting.
  • Draft your own message or select from pre-defined templates & send it automatically after the call is auto-rejected.
  • Whitelist apps from notification blocking.
  • Whitelist apps to prevent them from getting cleared from the background.
  • Create widgets to launch games directly from your device home screen.

[How-to] Download Gaming Mode APK for Android Devices

If you wish to download this fantastic application on your Android device, you needn’t perform any additional steps. Simply head over to Google Play Store and download Gaming Mode APK from there or you can download directly from here.

Gaming Mode APK

Please let us know about your experience of using this amazing application on your Android device in the comments section provided below. In case you happen to face any issues while using the application, please let us know about the same as well in the comments section. We will try our best to provide you with a working solution on a priority basis.

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