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10 Best GBA Emulators for Android to Play GBA Games on Android [Best List]

When we hear about GBA or Game Boy Advanced,  it, certainly, triggers a lot of childhood memories and we often get nostalgic thinking about them.  Playing cool games on Game Boy console used to be an essential part of our daily routine and we have often received a thrashing too from our parents to keep the console aside for some minutes. However, keeping it away was the most difficult part as it was highly addictive. In this post we will share with you the information regarding best GBA Emulators for Android which will enable you to relive your childhood experience and revisit that mesmerizing addiction on your Android smartphone.

10 best gba emulators for android

Android, being an open source OS, has got tons of GBA Emulators available. But, not all deliver the expected performance. Saving you from the hassle of trying each GBA Emulator, this post has already done the task for you and listed best GBA Emulators for Android that delivers an excellent performance. In this article we are going to show you the Top 10 best GBA Emulators for Android devices.

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Best GBA (Game Boy Advance) Emulators for Android

GBA.emu  –  Most Powerful GBA Emulator

Boasting of tons of features; GBA.emu is, probably, one of the best GBA Emulators out there in the relative market. Following are some of the cool features and advantages of this emulator.

  • Supports Quick Save so you don’t have to worry about losing your progress.
  • Cheat codes can be used effectively.
  • Even hardware controls can be configured to be utilized with this emulator.
  • The game can be benchmarked at a certain point and thereafter resumed from that point only.
    GBA.Emu Emulator for Android

    GBA.Emu Emulator for Android

Download GBA.Emu Emulator

However, the only con that discourages GBA enthusiasts from using it is that it is not free and is available as a paid version only.

John GBA

The name might sound funny and peculiar but John GBA is no less than GBA.emu. Following are the major features and the advantages of using John GBA.

John GBA Emulator lite Download on Android

John GBA Emulator Download on Android

  • Original GBA engine is used; therefore, you get to enjoy an original Game Boy experience on your Android mobile.
  • On-screen controls are conveniently placed which makes gameplay fun and easy.
  • Gameplay can even be slowed down and also made to speed up.
  • The major advantage of this emulator is that the free version doesn’t run any advertisements and the paid version costs a mere $2.99.
  • Cloud backup is added to the emulator and in the emulator works offline in its entirety.
  • The emulator plays zipped games without needing any extraction.

Download John GBA Emulator on Android

If we speak about cons; the only thing is that it takes time for beginners to understand the features and functionality of the emulator.

My Boy

The name might sound quite lovable and cute, but this amazing GBA emulator has got all the power that you need. Following are certain features and advantages of My Boy.

My Boy - Best GBA Emulator on Android latest

My Boy – Best GBA Emulator on Android

  • WiFi & Bluetooth are utilized effectively by the emulator to develop superior compatibility with a link cable.
  • Hardware control is provided to the users.
  • Cheat codes can be used effectively in the games.
  • It supports a multitude of mobile devices.
  • For increasing the performance of the game; this emulator is capable of using your device’s hardware.

Download My Boy – GBA Emulator

Speaking of cons; none has been reported so far except that its paid and costs $4.99.

GBA Emulator  – Simple But Effective

This emulator is pretty simple but it runs your GBA games with utmost ease. No special features are added but it, definitely, has certain major advantages:

  • Controls can be customized.
  • Physical controller can be used along with.
  • The game can be fast forwarded as well.
    GBA Emulator - Best GBA Android Installer

    GBA Emulator – Best GBA Android Installer

However, the thing that acts as a major discouragement is that it contains advertisements which are enough to ruin a beautiful gaming experience.

Download GBA Emulator on Android

MyGBA   – Modified GameBoid 

MyGBA is an altered and modified version of the popular project GameBoid which is open source in nature. The popularity of this emulator exceeds some of the best GBA emulators due to the following advantages:

  • Games can be fast-forwarded.
  • Hugh-game compatibility is present.
  • Cheat codes can be used effectively.
  • It even has got controller support.
  • It is available for free.

Download MyGBA Android GBA Emulator

MyGBA Android Emulator Download Now

MyGBA Android Emulator Download

This emulator is really loved and no con whatsoever has been reported so far from it.

Emulator for GBA 2

This is again a simple GBA emulator which will solve a general purpose of allowing users to play GBA games on their Android mobile. However, it does offer certain advantages:

  • Cable link is supported.
  • Cheat codes can be utilized.
  • The game can be saved at any point and then loaded from the same point.
  • Multiple devices are supported and is available for free.
  • The emulator is extremely simple to use.

Download Emulator for GBA 2

True! This emulator does have certain features of advanced emulators but since it runs advertisements it can, definitely, get annoying sometimes.

VinaBoy Advance

Available on Play Store for free the VinaBoy Advance emulator utilizes libretto development interface for its functionality. This makes it highly compatible with a multitude of devices as compared to other individually coded emulators. Let us see some of its advantages.

Download Latest VinaBoy Advance GBA Android Emulator

  • It doesn’t include any sort of advertisements.
  • Constant updates make the emulator up-to-date at all points of time.
    VinaBoy Advance - Best GBA Emulator

    VinaBoy Advance – GBA Emulator on Android

emu for GBA 

This GBA emulator is not really popular but it does offer certain advantages that make it worthy to download:

  • A large number of games are supported so be assured that the game which you like will, definitely, run on this emulator.
  • There is no lag while playing a game and the speed is quite fast and effective.
  • Also, no sound lag is present while playing your favorite game.
  • You can even customize game controls and playback layout.

You can download this emulator for free from Play Store.

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My OldBoy : Best GBA Emulator to Play Games With It

Though it’s not a GBA Emulator but it can play the entire set of GBA games effectively. Designed by the same company who created My Boy; this can be said as an updated version of it. It has got some cool advantages:

  • Cheat codes are supported.
  • Fast and slow; both playback speeds are supported.
  • It also boasts of a hardware controller.

Download My OldBoy Emulator Now

  • My OldBoy Best GBA Emulator on Android

    My OldBoy Best GBA Emulator on Android

Although its features make it worthy of a price of $3 but that might prove to be a discouragement for many.

Best GBA Emulators for Android – Best Game Boy Advance Emulators

It can be said, without any hesitation, that the emulators are developing at a fast pace, especially for mobile. With time it is certain that more emulators can be added to the above list. According to various developers, they are working to add more features which will make the gameplay on an emulator as close as possible to play the same game on the respective gadget. So these are the 10 best GBA Emulators that are available in the market, just follow and keep updated.

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