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XAPK Installer APK Download on Android – Compress Big APK Files Into a Smaller Size

If you have ever tried downloading a heavy game on your Android smartphone, then you will be knowing that it comes with an APK and an OBB File. You install the APK file like any other regular APK file and you require keeping the OBB file in a destined folder if you wish to play the game. However, many Android users are unable to perform the steps in the correct order and thus, they are unable to play their favorite game.

XAPK Installer Download on Android

XAPK Installer Download on Android

Is there any solution to this? Yes! The solution comes in the form of a XAPK file which is a single file that contains all the files for a successful installation and running of the application or the game that you are trying to download and install on your Android smartphone. Do check the steps to download and  Install Gaming Mode APK on Android Devices.

You can regard XAPK as a new form of installer file for the Android operating system. With the aid and assistance of the XAPK format, you can compress big APK+OBB Files into a single and a smaller file. The XAPK File Format has the required capability to install the complete application or a game on your Android device along with all the resources that the game or the application requires for functioning impeccably and immaculately.

 What is XAPK Installer?

As clear from the name, XAPK Installer is an application that helps you to install the XAPK File on your Android smartphone. You cannot simply click the XAPK File to initiate the installation process. You do require the XAPK Installer application for the purpose. This application automatically extracts the OBB Data from the file and store the same on a correct location and thereafter installs the APK file as well. Hence, you needn’t perform any additional steps for the purpose.

In short, XAPK Installer provides the same functionality as APK Installer, but for the XAPK Files. Following are certain advantages that come along with the usage of the XAPK Files. Greatest Tweaked Application of all time: GBWhatsApp APK Download on Android, iOS & PC Devices.

Features & Advantages of XAPK Installer on Android

  • All the data stays in a single file itself.
  • The installation process of a large Android application or game becomes pretty quick.
  • The chances of the file becoming corrupt are significantly lower.
  • These Files take up less space and data as compared to a separate APK + OBB File.
  • There are no chances of resources missing from the application. Hence, the installation and usage of the application will be perfect and smooth.

From the above points, you can easily understand that XAPK File is a single package that contains the APK File, OBB Data, Cache, App Icon and Miscellaneous Information.

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Download XAPK Installer APK on Android (Extractor)

As you might know that DropBox is a popular website that hosts a ton of Android apps and games to make them downloadable for all internet users.  You can Download XAPK Installer on your Android device for the installation of XAPK Files. Simply install the application and thereafter just click on the XAPK File for the installation process to start. You can download it from the below link.

Download XAPK Installer APK (UPDATED Version)

Install XAPK File Manually | Can You install the XAPK File Manually?

Well! There certainly is a way through which you can manually install the XAPK File. Please follow the below steps for the same.

  • Open the File Manager application and make your way to the XAPK File.
  • Rename the extension of the XAPK File to .zip.
  • Download RAR Application from Google Play Store.
  • Please locate the .zip file in the RAR application and you can extract APK and OBB Files separately from the same.
  • Now, follow the usual process of installing the APK + OBB File on your Android smartphone.
    XAPK Installer Installed on Android

    XAPK Installer Installed on Android

Final Words – XAPK Installer App Install on Android Mobiles & Tablets

Please note that if you happen to see ‘XAPK Validation Failed’ error then you just require granting permissions to the application or the game that you have installed. Simply go to Settings -> App/App Manager -> Locate the App/Game -> Grant all the permissions to the App/Game. Now, reopen the application or the game and you won’t face the same error again. So, this was all regarding the XAPK Files and the respective Installer.

If you wish to ask any questions, please feel free to put them down in the comments section provided below.

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