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How To Download Paid Apps for Free on Android [Mobile/Tablets]

Android operating system enjoys immense popularity among the bulk of the global population. The sheer number of features provided by the Android operating system along with a huge inventory of applications are the main reasons behind the incredible popularity of the mobile operating system. Much of the applications available on Android OS are free to download, however, there are paid applications as well which, generally, come with more fantastic features and an ad-free usage experience. However, an Android user needs to shell out a considerable amount of bucks for downloading and installing a paid application on his/her Android smartphone.


Download Paid Android Apps for Free

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It will be extremely good if you could download these paid applications for free. Well! When we are talking about Android OS then anything is possible. We do have a plenitude of 3rd party Android applications that enables you to download these paid applications for free on your smartphone. However, the safety of a 3rd party application cannot be guaranteed, hence, you are advised to proceed on your own risk if you wish to utilize the below-provided applications to download paid apps for free on your Android smartphone.

Download Paid Apps for Free on Android ( Google Play Store Alternatives)

If you are thinking that you may have to root your Android smartphone or incorporate some special requirement before downloading paid apps for free, then immediately abandon and discard such thoughts. You, simply, require your Android smartphone and any application from the below-provided list to get the work done. Well! Enough of talking! Let us get started with the list of 3rd party Play Store Apps that let you download paid applications for free on your Android smartphone.

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Blackmart Alpha Application


Blackmart Alpha application is, probably, the best Android app that provides you the facility to download paid Android applications for free. This app is termed as the king of the Android market as it will have, nearly, every application that you require. Moreover, the app is developed keeping in mind the user convenience. The user interface of the application consists of comfy categorical divisions of applications, similar to what you find in the official Google Play Store. Moreover, the download process is exactly the same as what you follow while downloading an application from the Play Store. The application is present in multiple languages and the download speed is pretty amazing.

Download Blackmart Alpha App.

Google Opinion Rewards


If you are looking for a genuine and trustworthy way to download paid applications for free on your Android smartphone then you must go with Google Opinion Rewards which is a survey mobile application, developed by Google, for Android as well as iOS. Through this application, you participate and fill in surveys through which you earn Reward Credits. These Reward Credits can easily be utilized and redeemed for downloading a paid application from Google Play Store. This application is extremely popular and its availability in 22 countries serves as an evidence to its popularity.

Download Google Opinion Rewards Application.

1Mobile Market


This application has a fair collection of paid as well as free Android applications. However, you, indeed, can find some applications, absolutely, free which are originally paid in the Google Play Store. If you are thinking that there is an app for 1Mobile Market available in Google Play Store as well then you are right but we are not talking about the Play Store version of this application. We are talking about the version which is present on its website that presents you with an amazingly large collection of Android applications.

Download 1Mobile Market APK.

Mobogenie Market


This application was recently removed from Google Play Store as it violated several terms and conditions. This application can be termed as a big upgrade over 1Mobile Market Application as apart from providing paid Android applications for free, it also provides access to free ebooks, paid music for free, paid movies for free and also empowers you to download YouTube videos directly on your Android device. Well! It is understandable now as to why the application was removed from Google Play Store.

Want to listen more? This application has an inbuilt file manager as well as junk cleaner which steer clear your Android smartphone from all the junk and unwanted data it might be holding. Mobogenie Market is available on its official website to download. If you are searching for an all-in-one application then Mobogenie, indeed, serves your purpose and serves it pretty well. However, you must know that the application contains a fair share of advertisements.

Download Mobogenie Market.

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Aptoid is a great platform for downloading paid Android applications for free. Again, you won’t find this application on Google Play Store as it violates a good amount of terms and conditions. The user interface of Aptoid is kept similar to the Google Play Store for user convenience. All you require doing is to search for your favorite application and you will get a list containing your application as well as similar other applications for you to try. Moreover, Aptoid allows you to create your own Application Store and share the same on it. In fact, much of the applications mentioned in this list can be easily downloaded from Aptoid as well.

Download Aptoid.



GetAPK is another name in our list of applications that allow you to download paid Android applications for free. However, you might find the user interface of GetAPK considerably complex relative to other applications mentioned in this list. But, there is one good fact about GetAPK and that is it contains nearly all versions of a single application and not merely the latest one. This is extremely helpful in conditions when the latest version is not compatible with your smartphone and you have to download an older version of the same application.

Download GetAPK App.



4Shared, like Mobogenie Market, simply doesn’t only provide paid Android applications for free. However, it also has a great collection of window software, pictures, videos, music, pdf files, ebooks and a lot of other stuff. Please note that the files are uploaded by the users themselves on the 4Shared cloud. The benefit of using this application is that it is available on the Play Store as well. This is because 4Shared doesn’t support piracy and publicly hosts the apps and files which are uploaded by the users. Please note that you are required to create an account on 4Shared to utilize the application. The only disadvantage of this application is that there is no spam filter and taking advantage of this many individuals upload fake files over the application generating a lot of spam.

Download 4Shared.



UC Browser users must have heard about this application. 9Apps contain a lot of games and other applications that you can download for free on your Android smartphone. All you require doing is download 9Apps APK on your smartphone and install it. Launch the application and you will witness a list of top paid Android applications and games that you can download for free. A search bar is also provided to enable you to look for your desired application directly.

Download 9Apps APK.

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This application is available in Chinese or Japanese language but you can easily use a translator application along with to translate the same in English. This application has a tremendous amount of paid Android applications that are available to download, absolutely, free. So, make sure you check out AppStore.VN or AppVN in short.

Download AppStore.VN.

Download Paid Applications for Free on Android Smartphone

Thanks to all guys and gals who took out time for going through this post. We hope that you have found the application that you are looking for by downloading any 3rd party Play Store from this list. If you have any questions in your mind, feel free to ask us the same by mentioning it in the comments section provided below.

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