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Root Android Phone Without Computer or PC [ Latest Working Methods ]

How To Root Android Phone Without Computer/ PC: So you have purchased an Android smart phone? What you are looking for next? Probably some of your friend must have told you to root your Android phone to unlock your device’s power to its maximum potential. Yes! it is true. Rooting does makes your Android device ten times more powerful than the same device without root. Today, in this post, we are going to tell you about the various applications that you can employ to root your Android device without computer/ PC. But what exactly does rooting means?

Root An Android Device Without PC/ Laptop | What is Rooting?

No, rooting is not at all related to hacking. Both are entirely different concepts. While hacking is an unwanted intrusion; rooting an Android phone or tablet means eliminating the restrictions or limitations from your Android device’s functionality; which are imposed by the manufacturer. Basically through rooting you will get access a far greater part of your device’s hardware and customize every part of your Android device, as you will have access to each and every operating system file, like removing unnecessary system applications, increasing the sound level of your device’s speaker, tweaking your device’s battery usage and much more. Following are some of the few advantages of rooting your Android phone or tablet:

Root android device without PC

Latest method to root your android device without PC or computer.

Advantages of Rooting
  • Get to install various custom ROMs on to your Android device.
  • Get access to various powerful applications that were otherwise unavailable without rooting.
  • Tweak your CPUs performance and improve battery backup.
  • You are able to increase the internal memory of your Android device post rooting it.

However with a set of advantages there does come a set of disadvantages as well:

Disadvantages of Rooting
  • You may turn your phone into a brick by rooting it wrong. It is a very tedious process and even one wrong step can kill your Android device permanently.
  • There might be a loss of privacy as all the third party applications which you will install can misuse the powers which you have achieved after rooting by gaining unauthorized permissions.

Requirements to Root your Android Device Without PC

Now since you are aware as to what exactly rooting is and its advantages as well as disadvantages let me tell you about some applications through which you can root your Android device with just a single click.

The benefit of using these amazing applications is that they are free and there is almost no chance of turning your Android smart phone into stone. You don’t even require any PC or laptop to root your Android device; if you use these applications. However do keep the following pre-requisites in mind before you begin rooting:

  • Battery must be charged 70% or more.
  • Boot loader of your device must be unlocked.
  • Please do make a full backup of your data. This is highly recommended.
  • USB Debugging must be enabled from the Developer Options of your Android mobile.
  • This post is for informative purpose only and the reader itself is responsible in case anything, which is not desired, happens to his/ her Android device.

And the main advantages of rooting your device is that, you will be able to tweak your android device in a way beyond you can think. Once you successfully root your device with below given steps, You will be able to Install Xposed framework modules on your device which will help you to tweak your device to next level.

Best Applications To Root Android Phone or Tablet Without Computer/ PC or Laptop

  • Kingoroot
    • First of all you are required to download the Apk file of Kingoroot from here.
    • Before you install the downloaded Apk file make sure that you have enabled “Unknown Sources” in the settings of your Android mobile.
    • Post installing the application launch it. You will see a button captioned “One Click Root.” Click on it and the rooting process will start. If the root is successful you will see a screen titled “Root Succeeded.”
    • However it may happen that you see the message “Root Failed.” In this case try again till you get the success message. Since Kingoroot has got several processes for rooting in-built; it will use only one at a time.
    • So if the first method failed; maybe the second or third method will work.


  •  Framaroot
    • Please do remember that Framaroot works on devices having Android 4.0 or above.
    • You can download and install Framaroot from here.
    • Post successful installation of the application launch it and select the option of “Install SuperSu”
    • Thereafter you can select either Aragon or Boromir exploit.
    • After selecting the exploit; within few minutes; you will see the message “Successfully Rooted.”
    • Just reboot your device and enjoy.
  • One Click Root
    • As you can infer from the name of this application it roots your Android device in a single click.
    • Moreover this application has inbuilt live chat and message support if you are facing any kind of issues during rooting.
    • All you need to do is to navigate to the URL to download the One click root Apk file of the app
    • Post installation of the Apk launch the application and click on “Root Device.”
    • If the application asks you to install an application just skip that part.
    • Now click on “Scan Now.” It will check whether your phone can be rooted or not.
    • After successful scanning and if your phone can be rooted a “Root” button will be visible. Just click on it for the rooting procedure to start.
    • That’s it your device will be rooted now. Do restart your device once the root is successful.


  • iRoot
    • This app does the job of rooting your android phone beautifully but the negative aspect of this application is that it consists of a lot of advertisements as well as bloatware.
    • You can download the iRoot Apk file of this application from here.
    • Post successful installation of the application you might notice that the application is in Chinese language. But no need to worry about it as the “Get Root Access” button is in English language and that is the only thing which we need.
    • Just click on “Get Root Access” button and we are done folks.

Most of the android users face memory issues on their device and they wont be knowing what to do next. Mainly this issue is caused by bloatware [Pre-Installed] applications and you can easily uninstall it once you root your device. You can read the complete process to Un-Install Bloatware or Pre-Installed Applications from here: How to uninstall Bloatware [Pre-installed] apps on android device

  • Z4 Root
    • Z4 Root is the application that exists since time immemorial and is one of the oldest applications available for rooting an android phone without PC/ Computer.
    • You can download the Z4 Root application from here.
    • The app boasts of a simplistic and clean user interface. Once you launch the application post installing it; you will see three options on the home screen: “Temporary Root, Permanent Root & Unroot.”
    • With Temporary Root; phone will get rooted but the root features will be available only till the time you next reboot your phone. So this is good if you want to test out the root features and is much better for beginners who are new at rooting.


  • Universal Android Root
    • This amazing root application is one of the favorites for rooting purpose as it can root most of the Android phones out there.
    • You can download this Universal Android Root application from here.
    • When the installation of the Apk is complete launch the application. You will be needing to select the correct Android version which is running on your Android smart phone.
    • Thereafter just click on “Root” button and the process will start.
    • When the process is done just reboot your phone and you are done.

How To Know Whether Your Android Smart Phone is Rooted or Not?

So my dear friends now another question which you might want to ask is “How to check whether my Android phone is rooted or not?”

For getting the answer to this question you are required to download Root Checker application. You can get this application from Google Play Store itself. Install this application and launch it. You will see a “Verify Root” button. Click on it and if your android phone is rooted successfully you will see a message “Congratulations! Root Access Is Successfully Installed In Your Android Mobile.”

We have reached to the end of this post. Now you have the best applications in your hand to root your Android smart phone without PC/ Computer or laptop. However I will like to reiterate once again that you must be careful in rooting your Android phone and we are not responsible for any kind of undesirable situation which might arise.

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