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How To Restart the Galaxy Note 9 when the device is not responding [Guide]

Samsung, the Korean Electronics giant saw a breakthrough in its mobile phones division after opting for Google’s Android OS. Before Android, Samsung was lacking behind their competitors like Apple and Nokia. But with the launch of Android, it overcame the tough competition and became the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer.

Samsung sells their Android smartphones under the brand Galaxy, which includes both budget and high-end series. The high-end series comprises of the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note Series, to which Samsung’s flagship devices usually belong. The latest flagship smartphone from this series is Samsung Galaxy Note 9, a beast among beasts. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 carries the latest Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 Octa-core processor. It comes in 6GB RAM/126 GB or 8GB RAM/512 GB storage configurations, which makes it one of the most equipped smartphones of 2018.

Device not responding error on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

No matter how big of a giant Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is in terms of hardware, it is also prone to occasional software glitches. Sometimes an app may start acting up, freezing the device. Other reasons that could make your device act buggy may be incomplete update installations. These kinds of errors are even more prominent in Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, even though it is very stable. Users may also face a black screen of death (BSOD) error on their Samsung device.

Galaxy Note 8 can install Android Orea 8.1 which is more stable than Samsung’s TouchWiz. The process is given in the post –  [How-To] Install Android Oreo 8.1 on Exynos Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 not responding issue:

Normally, when you encounter any minor problem with your device, a simple reboot is enough to solve the problem. But, when the device is not responding, you can’t reboot your device as usual. Since it also doesn’t have a removable battery, you also cannot remove the battery to shut down the device. So, you need to force reboot the device to solve the problem. The procedure is the same as of Galaxy S9. Additional solutions can be found in the article – [How To] Fix Samsung Galaxy S9 Black Screen of Death Issue.

Force restart or hard reset, as the name suggests, it force the device to reboot. You need to press a certain combination of keys to force restart your device, which may differ from device to device. For Samsung devices, it is power and volume up buttons. When you press these buttons in the specific steps, the device will simulate a battery pull. The memory will be refresh, all running apps including background apps will close and the device functions will be reload.

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How to Force Restart the Galaxy Note 9 when the device is not responding [Steps]

  1. Press and hold the Volume Down button + Power off button simultaneously for a few seconds.
How to Force Restart Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Force Restart Galaxy Note 9

2. Keep holding the Power and Volume Down buttons until the device vibrates, indicating it has turned off.

3. Wait for a few seconds and the device will start booting up automatically. If it doesn’t, press the Power button until the screen turns on.

Conclusion:  Force restart the Galaxy Note 9 when the device is not responding 

The latest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is no doubt one of the most beastly devices out in the market. But if you think that with its insanely powerful chipset, Octa-core CPU, GPU and 6GB/8 GB of RAM it won’t face any errors, then you are sorely mistaken. In fact, it is as susceptible to erratic behavior due to buggy apps or updates as other smartphones. So, if you ever find yourself in a situation that your device stops responding and freezes, you can force restart it. The procedure to force restarting your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 device is given above in this post.

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