[How-To] Fix Battery Issues on Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos

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 Samsung Galaxy S9, coming pre-installed with Android Oreo, is truly a fantastic smartphone with great hardware specs and smooth performance. However, recently, the users of Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos have been reporting that the battery backup of their device has been affected after installing a latest update for the Android Oreo operating system. It seems that the battery is draining much faster. If you are the owner of Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos and you feel the same then you are at the right place. In this post we will share with you different solutions to counter this battery drainage problem.

battery drain issue fix on samsung galaxy s9

Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos Battery Drainage Issue [Latest FIX]

  • Force Restart: This is the simplest, yet an effective measure to counter bugs in the operating system. In fact, majority of the operating system issues are fixed with the help of a forced restart. No, I am not talking about simple switching off and thereafter turning on your device. See the below-provided steps:
    • Press & hold the Volume Down + Power button simultaneously for about 10-15 seconds until your device power cycles. Please allow the Maintenance Boot Mode screen to come up.
    • From here please select the option of ‘Normal Boot.’
  • Check Applications that are running in Background: We never come to know but certain applications that we install continue to run in the background even though we close them. Android Oreo has an inbuilt tool to check the applications that are running in the background. Below are the steps to check for the same:
    • Navigate to Settings -> Device Maintenance -> Battery -> Battery Usage.
    • Here you can check the percentage of your battery being used by various applications. Check the applications which are displaying a high battery usage even though you don’t run them often.
    • Please uninstall the application and see if there is an improvement in battery backup of your Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos Device.


  • Wiping Cache Partition: For Android operating system, a cache is provided in which files related to frequently used applications are kept so that the system can access them quickly in an event of user accessing the particular application. However, it is possible that post installing an update the cache might get corrupted and your device is unable to obtain a faster access thereby putting additional strain on the existing resources resulting in faster battery drainage. Below are the steps to wipe the cache clean:
    • Switch off your Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos Device.
    • Press the Volume Up & Bixby Key. Thereafter please hold the Power Key as well.
    • When the Android Logo becomes visible please release all the keys.
    • You will be greeted by an ‘Installing System Update’ message prior to appearance of the Android System Recovery Menu options.
    • Volume Down key will enable you to scroll through the options. Please navigate to the ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ option.
    • Using Power Key please select the option and thereafter please use the Volume Key to select ‘Yes’ and hit the Power Key again.
    • Now your cache partition will be wiped clean. Please reboot your device.


Easy Ways to Fix Battery Issues on Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos

So, folks, these were the simple solutions through which you can fix the battery drainage issues in your Samsung Galaxy S9 Exynos. Please comment below if you are able to successfully sort the battery drainage issue. If you are still facing the same problem then also, please comment below. We will look into it and provide more solutions to you.

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