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How To change Fonts in Android without Root [Complete Guide]

We all love to have varieties in our lives. And since we happen to use our smartphones all day long, customizing it in a different way seems and then the integral way to keep us more entertained. The old boring looks of your Smartphone can compel you too quickly switch over to another handset. This not only causes monetary loss but also keeps you dissatisfied all the time. The inbuilt fonts do not come with much variety. Hence, here are a lot of possibilities for you to get bored out of them. Fortunately, there are methods which allow you to alter your Smartphone fonts without rooting. Apart from changing the monotonous launchers, ringtones, themes, and wallpapers, the experts have come out with a step-by-step guide for altering the font appearance.

Change fonts in Android

Play Store has a variety of Android launching applications that allow you to do it all without restarting your Smartphone. Apart from letting you customize fonts, the 360-degree apps come with a variety of theme, and wallpaper customization options.

Rooting your Android device will unlock a lot of authorization in your android device and can tweak out to another extent. You can root your android device by following this guide, Read More: Root Android Phone Without Computer or PC [ Latest Working Methods ].

How to change Font Style on Android Phone

Here we gonna mention some amazing applications that you can try on your device easily in order to change the fonts and give it a sleeky look. We will be updating the lists every time according to the new launches.

 GO Launcher

  1. Install GoLauncher right away from the Play Store on your Android Smartphone, but you need to check that the phone has enough memory to adjust the downloaded application in it.
  2. Now since you already have to go launcher on your Smartphone, it is time to use the application with several amazing fonts
  3. Scrolls through the application and look out for your favorite font style
  4. Open the app on the home screen of your Smartphone device and press go settings
  5. Chooses preferences from the menu and pick up your preferred font option.
  6. Scan font option and scroll amongst the downloaded fonts from the GOLauncher application.

The fantastic application lets you manually set up your fonts after making the required changes.

Font Fix

Font Fix is also an excellent option for having enormous varieties of fonts in your Android set. However, this application is mainly devised for rooted handsets. With 1000 fonts to choose from, Font Fix is never going to disappoint you.


Fixing up of your Smartphone is quite easy if you have an iFonts app at your disposal. Let us know the exact process of installation by following the below-given steps. Hope it will be highly useful for all the people that who all are seeking.

  1. Enable unknown sources from installation settings. The option is found in settings security.
  2. Download iFonts.
  3. Visit settings -> display -> Size and then you font application will appear there right away.
  4. Use the system font.

5. Apply the font immediately without rebooting your Smartphone.

Do you want to tweak out the design, fonts, Navbar in your android device? Read More: Download and Install Official Xposed Framework on Android 8.0 and 8.1.


Changing the font variety in a rooted Smartphone is as comfortable as in case of an unrooted Smartphone. Let’s know about essential steps

  1. Your phone should be rooted in the rooting application
  2. Download and install Hifont application
  3. Open the settings and alter the font changing mode to automatically
  4. Once downloaded, tap use button
  5. Channelize yourself towards phone settings -> display -> fonts for selecting the downloaded font style from the application.

These are the easy steps that you need to follow for changing the fonts in rooted Smartphone.

Change Font from Settings

Many Smartphones come with different font styles so that you change the font without downloading any app. You need to track some simple steps to do that:

Follow Settings -> Device -> Fonts -> Font Style this navigation and select your desired font. Some mobiles are designed with Settings -> My Devices -> Display -> Font Style this way. So need to follow this navigation to change the font on those smartphones.

Note: Only Samsung phones hold these 2 types navigation. We are not sure whether the other companies’ phones packs these settings or not.

If you do not inbuilt font changing option, go for an application.

Conclusion: Change Fonts in  Android without root

You can choose either of the methods mentioned above to have the best and the most attractive fonts for your Android devices. Besides the applications available in the Play Store, you can also have a look at third-party applications that are equally featured. Being able to change the fonts on your Smartphone without rooting it is indeed the best way to revive your Smartphone using experience.

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