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How to Backup Files and Images on Your Android Device without Root

Backing up your files and images on your Android devices is one of the most important things which really need to be securely ensured. Rooting is a fantastic process which enables you to get superuser control over your android device. There are some situations where you lose the data of your android phone or tablet. It is one of the worst conditions which most of us sincerely wanted to avoid. You need to take several safe methods and especially the technical apps to ensure the data recovery safely and securely.

In such situations, you also need to root your android phone or tablet so as to scan its internal memory. To avoid such extra efforts, most of the people take it as the toughest method to recover data from android without root. It is a wonderful solution which enables you to recover deleted or lost photos, contacts, call logs, videos, audios, Whatsapp, Viber messages and various other things. So, it will reduce your tension and makes you out of worry without any hassles.

Backup Files and Images on Your Android

Backup Files and Images on Your Android Device without Root

The only thing that you need to keep in mind before going further with the backing up process without rooting is not to use your Android device immediately after data loss in case of overwriting. Also, you should need to turn off your internet connection, WiFi, etc. in order to prevent automatic updates, taking of new photos or saving new data on our device. The best way to enhance the working capabilities of your phone is to install the custom ROM on your device. We are providing you here four best methods for backing up files and images on your android device without rooting it. Just have a glance.

How to Backup Files and Images on Your Android Device?

Holo Backup

Holo Backup is one of the best creations of Omega Vesko which enables you to entirely backup your files and images without rooting your Android handset. Holo backup is one of the most compatible and simplest tools which works efficiently on Windows and Linux operating systems and enables you to create a secure backup to your phone data, apps, system apps storage, and texts and that too without rooting your handset. Holo backup mainly works well on the operating systems having ADB files and android version higher than 4.0.

The holo backup does not support Mac operating system, and hence you can’t use it on your iOS devices. Holo backup needs to have a working internet connection for creating a secure backup. In addition to it; it is also perfectly designed to be work on WiFi as well. In addition to it; Holo backup is also capable of doing ADB debugging in the Settings of your device. Holo backup works efficiently on the stack ROM as well, and hence you also don’t taneed to worry about the installation of custom ROM on your device.

Here is a complete tutorial on How to install Custom ROM in your Android Device, Read More: How to Install Custom ROM on Android Without PC[Best Guide 2018]

Helium Backup

It is another best way to create a secure backup to your files, and images on your android device without rooting it. In case if any rooted users are willing to use this method of backing up they can easily do it by starting backing up their SD cards or PC. For now- rooted users helium backup is a wonderful companion desktop app which you can efficiently use whenever wanted. This fantastic application tool for backing up your device comes up in free as well premium versions from where you can easily go along with the one which you wanted.

Select the app to backup via Helium Backup

Select the app to backup via Helium Backup

The premium version of this application tool is most likely to have by most of the people only due to the reason that it does not contain any ads and is also more secure and safe to use. All you need to pay is $5 each month to ensure regular backups and no ads. That’s all. Helium backup is also best to be used on your PC. Compatibility of this wonderful backup application tool is another additional feature which makes it one of the most used apps. It works efficiently on Windows, Linux as well as Mac operating systems.

G Cloud Backup

As the name describes; it is one of the best backup processes which stores the entire data of your Android handset in the cloud from where you can easily recover it whenever and wherever you want. The G Cloud Backup offers you to store about 10 GB of data in the cloud; it means that you don’t need to worry about your phone’s files and images now; just save them on the perfect location where you do not need to carry any extra memory space along with you.

Back up with G Cloud Backup

Back up Image and file with G Cloud Backup

In addition to it, the G Cloud Backup is also a safe and secure backup place which keeps your data out of the reach of bugs while transferring. The G Cloud backup uses SSL and 256-AES memory for storage and perfects to use on. For enhanced and ads free results with this beautiful backup application tool you can upgrade it to the premium version by paying $2 per month.

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Super Backup

As the name describes; it is one of the most excellent media for backing up your files and images which enables you to get long-lasting results. Its free version is initially capable of providing you best results you ever had which getting the premium one adds more to your experience. Just download this fantastic backup application tool in order to create backup apps, call logs, messages, and bookmarks on your Gmail and SD cards. The best thing about this wonderful application tool is that it does not require any PC companion apps and along with getting free automated backups.

Conclusion: Back Up your Images and Files in your Android

If you are looking for backing up the files and images of your Android handset without rooting your device; the best way to go along is by using the android backups. These are one of the safe, secure and protected methods of backing up the entire data of your Android handset. We have provided you with the four different ways of backing up your Android handset and that too without rooting it. Hope they will help you a lot.

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