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How to Install Gravity box All-In-One Xposed Module on Android Oreo (8.0/8.1)

Getting, all the things stuffed in one module for your device is quite rare. Generally, when it comes to downloading and installing the applications on a phone where usually used to prefer PlayStore. Also, to customize the apps on your device whenever you want is also rare to find for Android devices. In this case, Android users were keenly waiting for the Xposed module which contains the whole things using Android device. For your information, people have also expected the Xposed module for Android Oreo from developers.

However, recently the developers have developed and released the Xposed module for Android devices. After a long drawn wait, the developers developed and released the best module for the users. It is none another than GravityBox for Android oreo. By using GravityBox, you can easily get the applications whether it is free or paid. The significant thing about this app is where you can make customization manually on any other application which has been installed on your android mobile. However, one should remember that this app might have few issues because it is at an early stage to use for Android oreo.

As far as application concern, the developers are highly focusing on the application to update more exciting features than current version soon. This module for Xposed framework will still work on Android devices with great features. When it comes to download and install, it doesn’t need any high-end requirements to use this application on your device. It is the main reason, GravityBox with the earlier version getting rave feedbacks among the users. So, people who are searching for the simple guide to install this fantastic application, you can have a look at below. It will be useful for all the seekers of this great app to download soon.

Features of GravityBox

If you are very much freaking about using the Android applications to the extreme, then using this app will be the solution. Before getting ready to download GravityBox on your device, make sure to know more about the features here. Hope it will be helpful for future reference.

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Exciting tweaks: The major highlight of this fantastic application is all about having the tweaks. Here you can find some of the tweaks like phone tweaks, status bar tweaks, display tweaks, media tweaks and more.

Interface third-party apps: It is the application which mainly helps you to interface with third-party applications. For your information, you can download any android apps at free of cost on your device.

Notification control: When it comes to feature, it is quite exciting for the users to handle the application notification. You can manage the notification with various sounds as well as vibrations.

Fingerprint launcher: It is considered to be the exclusive feature where you can find from this application. This fingerprint launcher will satisfy the users to some extent.

These are some of the features that stuffed in this application. However, we could expect more features in future. Make sure to know that before going to download, whether this app will suit your device or not. As we mentioned earlier, it is still is earlier development stage.

Download and install GravityBox on Android oreo 8.0/8.1

If you are interested in downloading this amazing application on your device, then it is essential for you to follow the steps. One should note that GravityBox is not available in the store to download. So, make sure to download from out of the box. Here are the steps for your reference to follow.

Steps to follow

  1. At first, the user should click the link to the application and get ready to start the downloading process of GravityBox 8.0.
  2. Before the downloading process is started, make sure to check out your storage device whether it has enough memory to install or not.
  3. Now, it is essential for the users to visit settings and find the option “Security” to enable “Unknown sources.”
  4. By enabling, now you are ready to install this application.
  5. After the installation process is done, the message will appear on your screen like “it is not activated.” Now, you need to tap on the box and enable it for further process.
  6. At last, get ready to reboot your device and make sure to allow your device to get root permission.
  7. Finally, the process is completed.

These are the steps that you need to follow for completing the installation process on your device without any hassle.


Android users who all keenly waiting for this module to release on Android oreo, finally it is here now. With the available features, you can customize the applications whatever you want without any difficulties. GravityBox is free to run on your android mobiles. By using this app, you can easily make the changes on power off, reboot, lock screen and more. Hope the above-given steps will be useful for the users to complete the installation process.

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