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Get Stock Boot & Recovery Images for your Android device from Firmware Mobi: All the rooted Android users must be familiar with the XDA Senior Recognized Developer Chainfire as it created the SuperSu.  SuperSu is one of the most popular root method available for Android. Apart from SuperSu, the developer has even created many other popular tools and applications like Flash Fire, CF lumen, DSLR Controller and much more. Now, the developer has eliminated the extra efforts that you had to put in for searching stock images to fastboot flash on your Android device by launching a website, From this website you can easily get stock boot, recovery and customizable root images for your Android device of any manufacturer. by chainfire

Moreover, apart from this, the website also permits you to pack root with your stock image. Hence, it makes the rooting methodology move more closer to perfection. Now, gone are the days when you had to scroll through a lot many old XDA threads to get the the needed root images. Let us dig more into the functionality of the website.

Download Stock Boot, Root and Recovery Image on Android device [STEPS]

Following are the steps that you need to follow for getting the stock boot/ recovery images for your Android device:

  • As a first, you simply need to launch on your PC/ Laptop.
  • Please wait for the website to get loaded up. Once the website loads up you will see a ‘Search Box’ visible in front of you. In this ‘Search Box‘ you need to put in your Android device’s name. You can try different keywords for your device to narrow down the search.
  • When you are able to locate your Android device; all you need to do is select it and tap on the “Submit” button.


  • Cool! Once you have presented the website with your selection, the images for your Android device, present in the website, will be displayed to you.


  • Select the version which you want and on the very next page you will be displayed the below-mentioned download options.
    • Download Boot Image as *.img or *zip formats.
    • Download Recovery Image as *.img or *.zip formats.
    • Or, download Boot + Recovery images packed in *.zip format.


  • You might be thinking about the security part. No worries! The developer has provided the necessary permissions to check the Md5 & SHA1 sums of all the files that can be downloaded, so as to be sure about their integrity.

Download Managers are one of the best Apps to increase the downloading Speed on your device. Read More: Top Free Download Managers for Android Devices [2018].

Integration of CF Auto Root on

  • Another great convenience, which this amazing website provides you is the ability to put your selected boot image with root. Once you are sure about the file that you want to download and have selected it, just besides all your downloads, a button captioned as ‘CF Auto Root‘ will be present.
  • Tap on this button to be able to configure CF Auto Root according to your selection. The configuration options which are present include root mode, suhide, dm-verity, force-encrypt, package type, SELinux and much more. Hence, you can conveniently select the needed options for your Android device.
  • Once you are done  with all this, all you need to do is to tap on “Generate CF-AUTO-ROOT Package” to get the boot image pre-configured and packed with the root.

Easily Download Stock Boot & Recovery Images for your Android device using

These were the aspects regarding website launched by Chainfire. Another thing, which you need to know is that even you can provide the website with the files which are either new or not available using the option of “Dropbox” available on the homepage of the website itself.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to ask the same by shooting them down in the comments section below. We will be happy to answer your queries.

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