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Download Vivo ADB Format Tool | Vivo Pattern and FRP Unlock Tool

It is not a strange incident if you happen to forget the lock screen security PIN/pattern of your Vivo smartphone. In such situations, you will be completely locked out from using your Vivo smartphone. Certain Vivo users also complained of being stuck on the Google Account verification screen. How you will come out of these dire situations? You cannot even attempt to format your device as there is no way you can initiate that. Don’t worry! In this post, we are going to tell you about the Vivo ADB Format Tool, through which you can easily bypass the FRP, password protection, as well as pattern protection.


Download Vivo ADB Format Tool

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The steps to bypass FRP, password or pattern protection are the same. All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned in this post. However, before we begin with the same, it is essential that you know about certain things.

What is FRP?

Some of you might be confused as to what exactly FRP is. FRP means ‘Factory Reset Protection.’ This is a feature that comes inbuilt from Google and protects your device from getting factory reset easily in the situations when it is stolen or lost somewhere.

If your device is stolen, thanks to this FRP lock, nobody can easily wipe the data off your device. The other person must know your Google Credentials to bypass FRP. Hence, in no case, he can misuse your device.

How does Vivo ADB Format Tool Helps?

Through Vivo ADB Format Tool you can:

  • Bypass FRP protection in case you happen to forget your PIN/Pattern.
  • Check communication b/w PC and smartphone.
  • Gather the information regarding your smartphone.

Steps to Install Vivo ADB Format Tool

  • As a first, please download the ZIP file, on your PC, for the tool from here.
  • Extract the files from the ZIP and tap on the ‘Setup’ file to initiate the installation process.
  • Simple on-screen instructions will come up on the screen. Follow the same and proceed with the installation.
  • Make sure you have the latest Vivo USB Drivers installed on your PC.
  • Connect your Vivo smartphone to the PC via USB and launch the Vivo ADB Format Tool.
  • Once the connection between your device and the PC is established, you will notice a ‘Remove FRP Lock Button’ message flash on your device.
  • Tap on the same and within a few seconds, the process of bypassing the FRP lock will be finished.

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Steps to Format Data Using Vivo ADB Format Tool

  • As a first, please install proper drivers from here.
  • Switch off your Vivo smartphone.
  • Simultaneously press the Power + Volume Up button on your device.
  • Two options will come up on the screen ‘Recovery‘ and ‘Reboot.’ Using the volume keys navigate to ‘Recovery‘ option and hit the ‘Power‘ button to select it.
  • Tap on Advanced -> Reboot with ADB.
  • Next, please connect your device to the PC. Launch ‘Device Manager‘ on your PC and you will see a device named as COMPort coming up on the same.
  • Launch Vivo ADB Format Tool.
  • Please enter the same Port number in the tool as you are seeing in the device manager.



  • Tap on BTN2 button and wait for ‘Finish‘ message to come up.
  • After this message, your device will boot up and data will be formatted automatically.

Final Words: Vivo Pattern and FRP Unlock Tool

Now, you will be able to use Vivo ADB Format Tool comfortably on your system. If you happen to face any issues or have any questions in mind, let us know about the same in the comments section provided below.

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