How to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Phones without root

by Jessica Ken
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In the current scenario, capturing the moments has become more familiar with the people as per the trending considered. On the other side, like capturing the photos, people have always shown their interest in downloading the pictures if it is essentially related to their work. These kinds of stuff have become more common in day to day daily life. So, taking the images and saving into the gallery for your remembrance is always make the special mark. Most of them keep the photos for saving their memory.

Almost, all the photo process will be done with the help of your Android devices at the end of the day. To get photos, your device requires memory storage. So, based on the memory storage of your phone, the photos will be stored on your phone. When the phone gets memory filled, then there might be a chance of not enough memory notification. During this case, you will be creating an opportunity of deleting the photos by free spacing your memory on Android device. Nevertheless, in the end, your device will start to perform well after the images are removed.

How to recover deleted photos without rooting

Unfortunately, the photos that you have saved on your phone get deleted due to memory issue. Sometimes, there will be chances of getting removed by kids or software problems. These things put the people down and seeking for getting back their photos immediately. However, you don’t want to worry about this issue as you can solve it and get back your photos quickly. You can see many tutorials and applications available in the market to download and install. At the end, none of the apps will sort out your issue. But, the application called Disk digger photo recovery application by visiting the Google PlayStore.

Recover deleted images from android device without root

No rooting process required

Generally, this kind of recovery application will help you to recover all the deleted photos from phone storage as well as memory card storage. Usually, most of the recovery applications require rooted device to get installed. When coming to this app, it doesn’t need any rooting process at the end.

Free to download

We could see by visiting the Google PlayStore, a lot of applications that available in the store to download and install for payment. But, Disk digger photo recovery application is the app where you can get satisfied with free of cost. It is the main reason that most of the people are highly showing their interest towards this fantastic application.

There are a lot of ways to recover deleted photos and files from your android device once you successfully  root the device, follow the guide to Root your device in most simple methods :Root Android Phone Without Computer or PC [ Latest Working Methods ]

Steps to Recover Deleted Photos on Android Device

To recover your deleted photos, you must be aware of the simple steps to follow. Here we are endowing the steps to follow further.

  1. At first, you need to visit the Google Play Store to download Disk digger photo recovery application.
  2. Once the app gets installed on the device, your screen will start to display like “Start basic photo scan” where you should tap it.
  3. Now, it will start to scan your Android device for recovering all the deleted photos and images. After the scanning process, it will display in a grid layout.
  4. It is the time to select any thumbnail that you wanted to restore and tap the option “Recover button.”
  5. Now, it will ask the user for a location to restore or recovering photos on Android device.
  6. You can now select the recovery option via FTP server, local storage and mail. As per your convenience, you can choose
  7. Finally, the recovering of photos is successfully done that too without the help of any PC or rooting option at the end.


We all know that many people are seeking for the deleted photos to restore immediately for various purposes. For those people, this recovering process will highly help you to recover back your deleted pictures at any time without any difficulties.

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