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[How-To] Increase RAM of Android Phone With Help of a Memory Card [Tutorial]

Increase RAM of your Android Phone With SD Card: If you are using an old Android device, which doesn’t have sufficient RAM, then you must have faced performance issues with your device. Old devices, have their operating systems outdated, resulting in slow processor speed and performance issues. Consequently, the apps don’t run properly and if you try to run more applications at once, then of course, the performance of your Android device is bound to suffer and degrade.

increase memory of android device

You can’t add any internal hardware to your device for increasing RAM. However, if your SD Card/ Memory Card has empty space in it then you can utilize the same to increase RAM in your Android device. I am sure you all must be excited to know about the process. Though increasing the RAM alone doesn’t help that much as your device’s performance depends on the processor as well as other relative hardware; but increasing the RAM certainly give you that much needed performance boost to enable you to run those heavy apps, games or open several different applications together.

How To Increase RAM in Android Phone/ Tablet With Memory Card / SD Card?

We present you the following two methods through which you can increase the RAM of your Android device using SD Card:

Method 1: Increase RAM in Android Phone Through Application

Under this method we will make use of Roehsoft RAM Expander which is a premium application and increases RAM on your Android device by utilizing the empty space on your SD Card and converting the same to virtual RAM memory. Following are the features of this amazing application:

  • It uses the free space on your SD Card as RAM (SWAP RAM/ SWAP Memory)
  • Swapfile RAM expansion up to 4 GB.
  • There is no limit on SWAP Partition.
  • Widget for PNP Swap is also available through which you can turn off or turn on virtual RAM at will.
  • The application supports auto run so you don’t need to restart it if you happen to reboot your device.
  • Moreover, you also get a detailed information and analysis report of your device’s memory.
  • Kernel parameter for swapping is already set.
  • The application is quite easy to use as all it requires is one click to perform all optimization and calculation tasks.

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But, before you go ahead and download this premium application, make sure to check your device’s compatibility with it. You can download the application ‘Memory Info & Swapfile Check’ from Google Play Store for this purpose. If your device happens to be compatible then go ahead and download the RAM expander application and follow the below-mentioned steps to increase the RAM of your Android device:

Steps To Create Virtual RAM using Roehsoft RAM Expander
  • Install the application post downloading it. Thereafter choose your language.
  • Now you are required to create a SWAP file. For this you need to click on Swap Active  and enable it.
  • Thereafter all you are required to do is to click on the Grey Box and activate the SWAP.

That’s it folks! You have successfully increased RAM of your Android device using the RAM expanding application.

Method 2: Manually Increase RAM in your Android device

Under this method following are the prerequisites that you need to take care of:

  • Class 4 SD Card or higher.
  • Rooted Android Smart phone or tablet. [How To Root Android Phone?]
  • Windows PC/ Laptop.
  • SD Card Reader.
  • Download the applications required for the purpose.
Step 1:

Please check whether your Android smart phone supports Swap function or not. For that you are required to download ‘Memory Info and Swapfile Check‘ from Google Play Store.

Step 2:

Once it is confirmed that your device supports the Swap function you are required to perform partitioning on your SD Card.

  • For partitioning you are required to download and install Mini Tool partition. You can easily download it by searching for it on Google.
  • Now please connect your SD Card to your PC by using card reader.
  • Open Mini Tool application and your SD Card will be detected in it. First format your memory card by selecting the ‘Delete’ option from the application.
  • You can make partition now by right clicking your memory card and choosing the option from the menu. Partition must be selected as primary and file system should be set as FAT 32.
  • Post creating this partition again right click and choose the option of ‘Make Partition.’ Select the primary partition only but change the file system to EXT2, EXT3 or EXT4.
  • Hit ‘Apply.’ Post few minutes the partition will be ready to use.
Step 3:

Under this step you are required to root your device.

  • Download and install Link2SD application.
  • Post installation launch the application and give root permission to it. Please select the .EXT partition which you have made in Step 2.
  • Sort the application and start linking the partition.
Step 4: Increase RAM
  • Please download and install Swapper for Root application.
  • Launch the application and select the amount of RAM you want to increase. This will automatically create a .SWP file and increase the RAM of your Android device by the said amount.

Conclusion: Increase RAM of your Android Device Through SD Card

So folks, these were the two methods through which you can boost the RAM of your Android device with the help of your Memory Card/ SD Card.

In case you have any questions or queries in mind or get stuck anywhere during the process please feel free to ask us by dropping your concerns in comments below.

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