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Download LG Flash Tool and LGUP Tool for LG Devices [2018]

Generally, most of the users of LG devices are looking for a way to flash TOT and KDZ firmware. For those users, here we are going to provide the tools for you to make use of it further. By following the process, you can easily get to know about the process of downloading the latest LG Flash tool as well as the LGUP Tool when it comes to flash the TOT and KDZ firmware on LG devices. Thus the tools will help the user to flash stock firmware on the LG devices.

LG flash tool

The thing that you need to root the device or unlock the bootloader, it is important for you to go ahead with extra care. For your information, when it comes to these processes, your device voids the warranty of device for most of the time. But the fact is even after the proper care in following the instructions; sometime you will face the issues which will lead to delete the files. So, it is important for the user to backup the data before getting into the process. For the people who all are looking for the latest LG flash tool to flash the TOT files as well as KDZ can follow the below stuff.

Uses of Download LG Flash and LGUP Tool 

Following are some reasons to download LG Flash and LGUP Tool:

  1. These two tools are used for unlocking bootloader and rooting your device.but you should know that when you unlock bootloader and root your phone, then warranty of the device will be cancelled and you need to pay money while you will bring the phone to service center for repairing it.
  2. it can give you privilege to experiment with your phone and enhance its performance.
  3. These tools let you do all things which stock firmware cannot allow.

but before using these tools you need to keep full backup of your stock firmware and other important document. if you face any problem after using it, you can reinstall your stock firmware and bring back your mobile in good condition.

Features of LG Flash tool

People who all are searching for the features of LG Flash tool can follow the below features for your reference.

Logs: For your information, by default, all the tools are mainly logged in a file. In this case, if goes anything wrong or not working, then you can easily trace the issue with the help of log file.

Multiple device support: Thus the software can be mainly used to flash the stock firmware on the LG devices. If you are using any LG phones or tablets, then the tool will easily recognize it.

Single Executable file: When it comes to this tool, you can see that all the functionalities, as well as features, are packaged well as a single executable file. However, to open the tool, make sure to do a double click.

These are some of the good features of this tool that you must be aware of before going to download it.

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Important things to note for Download LG Flashtool:

Before getting into the process of downloading LG Flash tool, it is essential for the people to keep it in mind. Let’s follow the below things that what you need to know.

  • To run this tool, it requires the Visual C++. However, if you face any issues while running, then you can try the latest version to install.
  • It is essential for the users to have the latest LG USB Drivers to be installed on their computer.
  • Make sure to ADB and Fastboot on your computer without any miss.

Download LG Flash Tool:


Download LGUP Tool

Download LG Flash Tool

For a further process to proceed, make sure to get the latest version of LG flash tool by following the below link. If you are looking for the older versions, you can also have a look at below.

Download LGUP Tool

Download LGUP Tool

Download LGUP Tool

If you are looking for LGUP, then it is considered to be the Windows tool which will be useful for flashing the stock firmware on the LG devices. For your information, make sure to know that every device has the different settings when it comes to the successful firmware flash as per the sources. For the complete and latest collection of LGUP tool, you can see the collections given below to download and flash it.

How to Flash LGUP Tool in your device [Steps]

  1. Download LGUP 8994 Version on your Windows system and extract it.
  2. You can get LGUP_8994_DLL_Ver_0_0_3_23.msi in the LGUP folder. You need to install it and some DLL file will be install automatically, while you are going to install .msi file.
  3. Follow the screen instruction to complete the installation process.
  4. Now, LGUP tool is in your computer. You can flash stock firmware on your LG phone using this tool.

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Conclusion: Download LG Flash Tool and LGUP Tool for LG Devices [2018]

If you are looking for LG Flash tool and LGUP Tool for you LG phone, then it is the right place. These tools are helpful to root your device but before using it make sure to keep backup the important information which you keep in your phone. If you mobile is not working after rooting then you can revive your phone easily.

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