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How to Install ADB and Fastboot tools on any OS [Complete Guide]

If you want to install custom ROMs on your Android smartphone, make your phone as a rooted device, then need to flash two most important tools ADB and fastboot on Windows. These two tools allow you to access most of the higher advanced techniques on your Android device. Here we will discuss how to install ADB and how it helps you to root your mobile using a computer. But what is ADB? The ADB or Android Debug Bridge works as a communication tool between your phone and computer. Users run it on their Windows system using command prompt and send a command to your mobile from desktop or laptop.

Now we need a driver for our Windows system to install ADB. Basically, the driver is a path or small program that lets our computer identify another device. The system of a smartphone works as a driver so while it is connected to your Windows machine, can be easily identified. But the ADB and fastboot mode cannot be easily recognized due to their interface. So your PC requires a driver to understand ADB and Fastboot.

ADB and Fastboot tools

We have tested it on Windows 10 machine that does not need ADB driver to recognize the interface of ADB tool, but if you are using Windows 7 or any other before version, your system hardly understands this mode of your Smartphone.

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How to Install Minimal ADB Driver and Fastboot tools

If you are into flashing Custom ROMs, unlocking bootloader and rooting your Android smartphone then you, definitely, need the ADB and Fastboot tools. In fact, when dealing with Android, ADB & Fastboot is one of the essential tools as it makes the tasks of pushing, altering, and changing, debugging and tweaking system files seamless and smooth.

Generally, people who look to install ADB & Fastboot require downloading and setting up an Android SDK which is over 1 GB in size. But, if you don’t want to learn about full-fledged Android development and just install ADB & Fastboot then it is a complete waste of your essential time as well as memory. So, that’s why we are writing this post so as to share with you the steps to install only the ADB & Fastboot tool; and not the complete Android SDK.

Minimal ADB & Fastboot Tool | Obligatory Requirements

  • You have your Android device connected to your computer with the aid of a USB Cable.
  • USB Debugging has been enabled on your Android device.
  • USB Drivers for your Android device must have been installed so that your device is completely identified by the system. You can get the Universal USB Drivers for all Android smartphones from the provided link.

The Minimal ADB & Fastboot tool is very easy to install. All you need to do is follow the simple on-screen instructions. It is extremely lightweight. Total size comes out to be just around 2 MB.

Download & Install Minimal ADB & Fastboot Tool [STEPS]

  • First of all, please download the latest Minimal ADB & Fastboot Tools executable file from here.

Minimal ADB & Fastboot 1.4

Minimal ADB & Fastboot 1.4.2

Minimal ADB & Fastboot 1.4.3

  • Once the executable has successfully downloaded please navigate to the downloaded location and click on the executable file to commence the installation process.
  • You will be greeted by simple on-screen installation instructions. You just need to hit the ‘Next’ button on each screen and finally tap on ‘Install.’

  • The installation process will get over within few minutes. You will find the icon of Minimal ADB & Fastboot on your desktop.

Once you have done that you need to download the ADB Drivers ZIP file which is given in the below link and follow the guide.

Download ADB Drivers ZIP file

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How to Install ADB on Mac and Linux System

To install ADB on Mac and Linux is easier than installing on Windows. Firstly, you d not need to install the driver on these two systems to run ADB. For Mac, you need to install homebrew package manager and access “brew install android platform-tools.” For Linux, users need to install “android platform-tools” package system.

To perform different techniques on your smartphone using ADB tool, you need to put the command in CMD Window on your computer. Different commands define different works. Here we have added some of them.

Few ADB Related commands for your Device

Here we are providing some of the exciting commands to be followed on your device using PC. Let’s follow the commands to bring a better outcome from your device.

  • adb shell: It mainly allows the commands to run in the terminal on your device.
  • adb reboot: It will help the user to restart your device.
  • adb backup: The command helps to create a backup of your device and save it to the PC.
  • adb pull: By using this command, you can copy the files from device to a computer.
  • adb devices: It will help to show ADB supported devices by connecting your computer.
  • adb sideload: The user can load ZIP files as well as ROMs from computer to Android.

Error in using ADB

Sometimes users face problem to use ADB. They get an error message while using this tool. The most common issue is “command not found.”  Sometimes users put such command which is not compatible with the ADB version which has been installed on their device. So get rid of the issue you need to update the version of this tool.

Due to USB connection, your device is not recognized on your computer and ADB interface is not visible on your PC. Check the ADB driver on your computer, use another USB port or cable, etc. to solve this problem.

If the ADB version on your computer and your mobile version are not compatible with each other, you can face “server is out of date.” Always install that ADB tool which can work with your phone.

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Conclusion: How to Install ADB and Fastboot tools on any OS

If you are a seeker, who wants to sideload additional applications, install custom ROMs, Root your device, etc. ADB is a necessary option. To do it entirely, make sure to follow the steps mentioned above. In the end, you can install whatever you want.

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