Vivo’s new Phone with an In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

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With the advancing technology; most of the companies in the market are continuously making hard efforts to add premium features and advanced technology in their handsets. Integration of in-display fingerprint scanner was the high news last year. Vivo is working with the optical fingerprint scanner from Synaptics from a previous couple of months, and now it is revealed that it is all about for in-display fingerprint sensor.


As per rumors; various companies were struggling to integrate this system into their devices which gets turned into a reality this year when Vivo game everyone a first glimpse of it at CES 2018. The company has successfully integrated a working in-display fingerprint scanner which is going to be released this year.

vivo new phone

Plenty of videos about the new look of the smartphone have gone live showing the in-display fingerprint scanner in action. The working of the smartphone with an in-display fingerprint remains same as that of with a capacitive sensor. The only difference is that you may unlock the screen by touching the display on a specific part and also the unlock time is going to be a deal break faster as a comparison with a traditional capacitive sensor.

First In-Display Fingerprint Scanner Phone by Vivo

What is in-display fingerprint scanner?

Vivo is world’s first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner which is built into a prototype device. As you may be familiar with the fact that in the in-display feature is a built-in prototype, hence no need for a physical home key on the front of the phone. The new arrival in Vivo is going to have somewhat a middle-sized handset. It means that there would be no scanner on the rear of the phone which offers the manufacturer greater flexibility in terms of design. Vivo has seriously achieved new goals with the involvement of new design, but now it needs to ensure whether this wonderful technology works appropriately or not before exploring more new potentials from new form factors.

With the involvement of new technology the phone is now going to be more thinner, more premium features and much more. Placement of the technology within the display also means that the fingerprint scanner is ideally located for your thumb now which you can easily hit. Proper positioning of the rear camera lens is another best thing which will surely add more to the feature of the upcoming arrival in Vivo.

Working of In-device fingerprint scanner

The in-device fingerprint sensor is located inside the phone. Whenever the users need to use the optical fingerprint sensor; it gets bolted up to the rear of the OLED display panel of the phone. Synaptics build the sensor used in the device and hence use the light emitted by the OLED panel to read your finger and to scan your print.

How to use optical fingerprint scanner?

It is very much easy to use but not as fast as a comparison to usual current capacitive readers. It reads well your fingerprints without leaving the impressions of your prints on the scanner. We have mentioned you before it is not a faster technology, so you need to hold a finger on the screen for a moment till when the illumination of your finger by the OLED panel gets completed.


Vivo is going to be the first handset to use the optical finger scanner technology which is surely going to be a blast in the market for the upcoming years. The introduction of the technology has breached all the boundaries with the premium features and slimmer handset. It has now become very much easy to use the technology as no space for scanning the fingers; just hold on your fingers anywhere on the screen and enjoy the fun.

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