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[How-To] Use WhatsApp Without SIM Card on Android Mobile/Tablet

It will be awesome if we could have more than one WhatsApp accounts on multiple devices with only one mobile number and a single active SIM Card. Well! If you are interested in doing this then you are the right place as in this guide we will be going to share with you the steps to do exactly the same. Although there is a variety of methods available to achieve this feat, however, most of those methods have a complex set of steps which is not possible for a normal user to follow. In the method, outlined in this post, we will be utilizing the services of a 3rd party application called TextNow, which is readily available, for free, on Google Play Store, to use WhatsApp without SIM Card on Android Mobile/Tablet.

use whatsapp without sim card

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How To Use WhatsApp Without SIM Card on Android [STEPS]

Following are the set of steps through which you can go on with using WhatsApp, with a single valid mobile number, on multiple Android devices, without SIM Card being active in, other than a single device:

  • As a first, you require having WhatsApp as well as TextNow APK application downloaded and installed on your Android phone.


  • Thereafter, please open TextNow application and through this app you will be able to get an, absolutely, free from any kind of charges, a virtual mobile number. You will require adding some mandatory details like area code to get the virtual mobile number. You can utilize the same for free calls as well as SMS.
  • Now, open WhatsApp application and you will be greeted by the normal process of phone number verification on WhatsApp. Here, you require using the virtual mobile number which you received from the TextNow application.
  • As a verification method use the ‘Call Me‘ option and that call will be received on the TextNow application. Pick it up, note down the code and use the same for the WhatsApp mobile number verification process.
  • That’s it folks! You will be able to successfully create a new WhatsApp account without actually having to use your active mobile number and without SIM Card.

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Conclusion: Use WhatsApp on Multiple Android Devices Without SIM Card 

So, you can see that the method provided is pretty simple and pain-free. This is, by far, the most simplest method to use WhatsApp on multiple Android devices without SIM Card. If you have any questions in mind please feel free to put them down in the comments section below.

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