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How to Transfer OBB File from PC to BlueStacks App Player ?

Mobile devices are considered to be one of the best things we have right now to grab the digital world. When it comes to Android mobile devices, we could see a lot of brands. Whenever the users required downloading the applications or games to download, they used to visit the Google PlayStore often. However, it is the only track to get the apps and games on Android devices. This is how the way we followed since the Android devices entered a market.

Transfer/Store OBB Files from PC to Bluestacks

Transfer/Store OBB Files from PC to Bluestacks

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But the fact is people are started showing their lack of interest towards using Google Play on their Android devices. The reason is Android developers have developed a lot that may surpass the usage of Android. With the help of BlueStacks, you can bring any Android app and games on your PC without any hassles. In this post, we are going to tell you how to transfer OBB File from PC to BlueStacks enabling you to play games that require additional data folder, on your PC.

Why Transfer OBB file from PC to Bluestacks?

When it comes to downloading the game with a huge file, then it is also required to download the data as well. At this condition, most of them are thinking that how it possible of transferring the data folder or OBB file to your BlueStacks. If you are looking to play such huge file game, then it is essential for you to know about the process.

Transfer OBB File from PC to BlueStacks

Step 1 > Enable Hidden Folders on your PC

  • Go to This PC from your desktop.
  • On the top of the page, tap on View.
  • Under View, please check mark the options File Name Extensions and Hidden Items.


  • Now, you will be able to see all Hidden Files on your PC.
  • This is done because BlueStacks directory is hidden and we require making it visible.

Step 2 > Navigate to BlueStacks Shared Folder on your PC

When you will install BlueStacks on your system, a Shared Folder will also get created that you can utilize to access and transfer files residing locally on your PC from/to BlueStacks and vice-versa. Following is the location of the SharedFolder on your PC.


Please copy all the OBB Data of the game to this Shared Folder on your Windows PC/Laptop.

Step 3 > Move OBB Data from SharedFolder on BlueStacks

Now, it is time to move OBB Data that you have pasted in the Shared Folder in the above step on BlueStacks 4 to the primary OBB folder. Below are the steps.

  • From the toolbar present at the bottom on the primary screen of BlueStacks, please go to Other Apps > Android Settings.


  • Tap on Storage Settings.


  • Click Explore.


  • A list of folders will come up. Tap on Windows Folder.


  • Here, you will see BstSharedFolder. This folder is mapped to the SharedFolder present on your Windows PC/Laptop.


  • You will see the OBB File present here.
  • Select the OBB File and tap on the three dots menu icon present on the right corner of the emulator’s screen and choose option Move To.


  • Since we are utilizing a OnePlus mobile device, we will tap on OnePlus A5000. Please tap on the appropriate option in accordance to your smartphone model.


  • Tap on Android.


  • Hit Move option present at the lower right bottom of the screen to move the OBB File here.

Step 4 > Create an OBB Folder on BlueStacks

  • In the Android folder, please tap on the three dots menu icon present on the right corner and choose option New Folder.


  • Rename the newly created folder to obb. Make sure you are keeping the name in small letters.
  • The file that you moved to the Android folder in Step 3 from BstSharedFolder; please move it to the newly created obb folder.



That’s it! You are all set to play games on BlueStacks 4 that require an additional OBB/Data/MOD File to work.

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Conclusion: Add Mod/Data File to Bluestacks from PC

By following the stuff mentioned above, you can get to know how to place OBB file from PC to Bluestacks. In case, if you are looking to transfer the file from BlueStacks to PC, then you need to do the method in reverse.

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