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9 best free background and wallpaper apps for Android! [2020]

The modern Android mobile devices are coming with big screens that look gorgeous with a high-quality wallpaper. However, locating a nice wallpaper for your Android mobile device could become an arduous task if you are not aware of the right apps. Wallpaper apps are the first when we speak about apps infested with viruses or malware.

Top Free wallpaper apps 2020

Top Free wallpaper apps 2020

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So, how can you know that the wallpaper app you are installing on your Android device is not a scam? To help you in this situation, we are providing the 9 best wallpaper app for Android 2020 in this post.

Top 9 Wallpaper Apps for Android Devices

Continue reading and install one of these best wallpaper app 2020 to embellish the display of your Android mobile device.

1. Wallpapers by Google

If you are looking for nice, simple, and basic wallpapers, then Wallpapers by Google is the app you should download. A lightweight app, Wallpapers by Google features an extensive collection of simple yet elegant wallpapers designed to deliver a nice professional look to your Android mobile device.


Click Here to Download Wallpapers by Google.

2. Walli

On Walli, you can find wallpapers featuring the artistic talents of independent artists from around the globe. Hence, a good number of wallpapers on the Walli app are extremely rare. There is an inbuilt automatic wallpaper changer feature; Walli Playlist; that allows you to keep 10 images at a time giving a cool new look to your home screen. Please note that a majority of the features of the app can be accessed freely; however, you have to deal with ads and in-app purchases.


Click Here to Download Walli.

3. Redpapers

If you are not happy with the number of images that Walli app allows you to keep in the playlist, then you can go with the Redpapers app. Redpapers app get images from a sub-Reddit that you can define yourself. You can modify the timings and even set the app to sort images by tags like hot, popular, and more. Just tap on the ‘Start Service‘ button once you are done. While it may seem cool to have a different wallpaper every time you check out your device’s home screen; the app doesn’t allow you to select the wallpapers based on the resolution.




Click Here to Download Redpapers.

4. Walldrobe

This application’s name itself is quite innovative and the app, on the whole, provides complete justice to its name. Walldrobe features a large collection of high-resolution wallpapers featuring cityscapes, skylines, and the natural beauty of our planet earth. Download Walldrobe now to deliver that elegant look to your Android device, which you are always looking for. Moreover, the app has an automatic wallpaper change feature too.



Click Here to Download Walldrobe.

5. Resplash

The advantage that comes with downloading Resplash is that you can find tons of high-quality photos from around the world for free. Yes! The app is totally free to use with no ads or in-app purchases to ruin your experience in between. Hundreds of new photos find their space on the Resplash application on a regular basis.


Click Here to Download Resplash.

6. Dopewalls

While searching for best wallpaper for Android, your favorite Marvel or DC Superheros generally come first. If you are looking for high-quality best wallpaper app 2020 featuring superheros then Dopewalls is the name that comes on the top. It has high-resolution 4K and HD superhero wallpapers designed to bring out the inner beauty of your device’s display. Along with superheros, the app features wallpapers from nature, space, architecture, and cars as well.


Click Here to Download Dopewalls.

7. Tapet

If you like to customize and create wallpaper for your Android device, then Tapet is the right app for you. Being the first of its kind, Tapet helps you design best wallpaper for Android devices on the basis of the color and pattern selected by you. The wallpapers are generated using mathematical calculations and functions thereby guaranteeing perfect quality. However, the free version of the application has a finite set of patterns. For accessing more patterns, you need to buy the premium version.



Click Here to Download Tapet.

8. Hidey Hole

If you are utilizing a mobile device with a punch-hole camera or the one having a camera cut-out then Hidey Hole is the best wallpaper app 2020 for your Android device. The app features wallpapers that are specifically designed for Android devices with a punch-hole camera or camera cut-outs like Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10. The app has inbuilt filters that allow you to check out the new images. There is an option to flip the image as well depending upon the location of the punch-hole camera on your device.



Click Here to Download Hidey Hole.

9. 3D Wallpaper Parallax 2019

Create magic on your Android device with the superb 3D Wallpapers present in this amazing app. The many layers that you can add to the wallpaper give almost the look and feel of a live wallpaper with many hailing this app as the best live wallpaper app for Android. The depth effect on the wallpapers is absolutely marvelous. You can customize the number of layers as per your desire. The only thing that is a turn off is that the app doesn’t have a great collection of wallpapers, but it indeed has some good ones.



Click Here to Download 3D Wallpaper Parallax.

Conclusion – Best Wallpaper Apps for Android 2020

This was our compilation of best wallpaper for Android apps available on Google Play Store. Check out the list and select one of the best wallpaper apps 2020 for your Android mobile device giving it a magnificent look and feel.

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