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Download FaceTime for Android & 5 Best FaceTime app alternatives

Recently switched from an iPhone to Android and now you are missing FaceTime? If yes then we are here to help you out. FaceTime is one of the best video calling apps out there and there is no doubt about it. However, the biggest drawback of the app is that it is only available for Apple users.

Facetime alternatives for android

Download FaceTime for Android and 5 Best FaceTime app alternatives

But what if you want to try out FaceTime using an Android device? How to download FaceTime for Android? Well, then you better stick with this page.

FaceTime is indeed a great app for video calling. But the thing about the app is that it is not available for Android users. Since Apple and Google are two different companies and both of their devices run on a different operating system. At one side where Apple smartphone runs on iOS. On the other side, different manufacturers use Google’s Android OS to make their smartphones.

What is FaceTime & Is it available on Android?

Android is basically an open source project but the same cast is not with Apple’s iOS. Also, there are quite a lot of iOS apps are out there like FaceTime which is specially meant for Apple users and those apps are not open for any third party tweaks or add-ons. Hence, Apple is not focusing on making FaceTime available for Cross platforms. As a result, we can’t use FaceTime on Android. The only way to use FaceTime is to use two Apple devices.

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Best 5 FaceTime Alternatives for Android Devices (Free):

But you should not worry, as there are quite a lot of alternatives are available and here is a list of all the top FaceTime alternatives for Android that you should give a try:

1. Skype

Skype is one of the oldest video calling services in history. It was launched back in 2003 and have millions of users around the globe. Although the service is pretty old, there are still quite a lot of people uses it. Download Skype from the below-given link.

Skype APK

Skype apk

Also, the best part about the app is that it is free to use and can be used for video calling and chatting. However, for premium features, you will need to pay, but I don’t think that will be necessary.

 The app is compatible with various devices including iPhone and Android. So simply download the app and ask your friends to do the same and you are all set. 

2. WhatsApp

I am pretty sure you know about WhatsApp. Since it is one of the most popular smartphone-based messaging apps out there. The app has gained huge popularity when Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 and since then to now it is continuously adding new users. Download WhatsApp APK from here:

WhatsApp APK

Whatsapp Apk

Even the app is so popular that your friends may already have it installed their smartphone. The app also comes with lots of amazing features, and it is absolutely free to use. You can use the app for private messaging, voice calls, group chat or video calls. Moreover, the app also lets you send audio, video and voice messages.

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3. Facebook Messenger

Just like WhatsApp, I don’t need to tell you about Facebook Messenger either. Almost everyone has a Facebook account and whenever it comes to chatting with friends over Facebook, Facebook messenger app stands out to be the only option. Download Facebook Messenger from the below given link:

Facebook Messenger APK

Facebook Messenger apk

And most of your friends maybe already have the app installed on their device. Facebook is free to use and the Messenger app comes with quite a lot of options. You can make Facebook calls or videos calls using the app. Plus, it is extremely easy to use.

4. Google Duo

If you are someone who is not looking for overloaded features and just want to have a person to person video chat. Then Google Duo is for you. Most of the latest Android device already comes with this app and it is really simple to use. Download Google Duo from the below-given link:

Google Duo APK

Google Duo Apk

The app does not ask for any extra details apart from your phone number. However, the app still is a baby and it does not have a number of users. But you can ask your friends or family members to install the app and have a chat with them.

But the con of the app is that it has no group video calling feature. However, you will get to use all the features free of cost and it is really simple to use.

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5. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is also one of those apps which come preinstalled for most of the Android devices and it is the big brother of Google duo. Google Hangouts is a messaging app from Google. You can use the app to chat with your friends, call them and of course video calling.  Download Google Hangouts from the below-given link

Google Hangout APK

Hangout apk

It also does a group video call and so on.  However, the thing about this app is that Google is going to shutdown Hangouts. But until then, you can enjoy the app and its features. Also, did I mention that the app is free to use?

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Download Best 5 FaceTime Alternatives on Android

There is absolutely no reason to be sad because you cannot use FaceTime on your Android device. Like there are quite a lot of great options out there and your friends who are using an iPhone won’t mind installing an extra app either.

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