How To Stop Android apps running in the background [Tutorial]

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You may call it a style statement, a necessity or may be anything but today Smartphone’s can be seen on every single hand. Most of them are Android devices which derive the brain from Android, an outstanding open source operating system of the 21st century. It makes you able to perform anything and everything in the simplest and convenient way. They are fast as lightning but as time passes and you have dozens of apps which make it quite slow and sluggish. Why?  The answer for slow Android processing is that the system goes slower with a number of apps running in the background and it also consumes more battery power and internet. If you are facing this similar problem, don’t worry as you have come to the right place to get the solution.

How to stop apps from running in the background on Android

In the initial stage just check the battery usage page on your device which will show all the active applications which are running in the background. This helps you in checking which app you are using and how they respond to your device.

How To stop apps from running in the background on Android

Android being infamous operating system allows you with such superb applications which work well as monitoring gears. Moreover, it entirely varies with the device models, screen looks and its functionality and it differs from company to company. But you can initiate the process by following the below steps and conditions.

On overcome slow Android processing, It works like this:

Reach out the Settings> search for the Developers option> tap the processes. With this, you can check out every running process and the amount of RAM each of them is using currently. This page will allow you to even force stop the maximum RAM consuming applications but it may crash your apps so beware.

stop apps from running in background

If you want to get some memory in your device by uninstalling the pre-installed applications in your device, then this tutorial is for you. Read More: How to uninstall Bloatware [Pre-installed] apps on android device.

Still, there are mobiles which do not allow you to access the Developers option and here you can search on the Google to unlock that particular model. In the newer Android versions also allow you to stop the applications manually and it goes like this:

Go to the Settings> search for Memory> check out the memory hold by these apps> Stop them manually to increase your device processing.

Avail extra help to manage background processes in Android

There are bundles of such fantastic applications available on the Android play store which are handy and allows you to manage your device. These apps work perfectly on your Android device and help in controlling the background processes to make your device neater and cleaner.

stop apps from running in the background on an Android Device

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Such applications are very light in size and cover minimal space of your device memory. They enable you to force close the app at the time when you are not using it. These applications kill all the back process which leads to poor battery support and also consumes loads of internet. With most of the applications, you have to root it for better and outstanding results.

Uninstalling the useless applications from your Android device

fix apps running in background

Like the spendthrifts, they buy anything useless and load their bunkers with those things. The similar way most users download unnecessary apps just because it is for free or let me try it once. Such things make your phone slower and sluggish and promote slow Android processing. So, it’s advisable to get rid of these applications instantly.

Still, most of the applications are very useful which help you in daily activities. Like those allow you to order food or shop the necessary items must be kept as per your requirement. So, manage your device properly by controlling and uninstalling all the pointless apps available on your device. Simply go to the settings and reach out apps and search for the app you want to uninstall and say a forever goodbye.

Other options when you timely need any particular application and don’t want to uninstall it, then simply disable it. In this way, the app will remain in the phone memory but won’t hamper your device performance.

Myths with the preinstalled applications on your Android Devices

Some of the new users buy these devices only for photography, listening songs watching movies and other stuff. To manage with slow Android processing they try to mess with the pre-installed applications available with the device. No matter they are not in use currently but this does not mean that every background operation needs to die. Most of them allow the smooth working of your device and even handle important background operations. For instance, Google Keyboard, Search engine, Google Play store etc. are already present on your device. They all are vital for your phone and they make it smart and an actual Smartphone.

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