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[How To] Root, Install Custom Recovery (TWRP) and Custom ROM in Essential Phone PH 2

In general, most of the people who all are using Android devices, they always endow their excitement towards third-party applications. We all know that while downloading and install the apps from Google PlayStore, you will feel lack of a lot of restrictions. For this purpose, most of the Android users might step their foot ahead to download third-party applications. To download these types of applications from out of the store, you can even download paid apps for free.

One should keep it in mind is when it comes to downloading these applications, it is essential for you to root your device. Rooting is the process which is mostly playing the crucial role on Android devices. For your information, once the rooting process is done on your device, then it is easy for the users to download and install any type of applications out of the store. Generally, when it comes to rooting apps, you can find several applications in the market to install. In this case, TWRP Recovery is considered to be one of the best rooting applications to install.

By installing a rooting app on your device, you can install all smart applications with mod versions. Moreover, the TWRP recovery rooting app will support all type of Android version device. Here we are going to check out the rooting process for Essential Phone PH 2. We all know that the reception for Essential PH 1 was excellent and the developers working on Essential PH2 for the best level of execution. So, people who all are looking for the rooting process of PH 2 can check out here. Hope the given stuff will be helpful for all the users when it comes to rooting process. Let’s follow the stuff given here for future reference.

Benefits of Rooting

Before rooting your device, it is always essential for the people to know. For instance, TWRP recovery will support all the devices without any hassles. Likewise, it will also help the latest edition Essential PH 2 device. Let’s check out the things that how the rooting process will take more advantage. Let’s have a look.

  • By just rooting your device, the user can edit, view or delete with many options as per the convenience.
  • It will help the user to access all types of files on Essential PH 2.
  • Once the rooting process is completed, the user can increase the life of a battery.
  • The user can uninstall bloatware on Essential PH 2.
  • By rooting, you can easily block the ads on the applications that you are using on your device.
  • The rooting application will also lead your device to provide the best performance.

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These are the main advantages that you want to know before getting into the rooting process for your device further. Hope it will be useful for all the users that who all are going to root their Essential PH 2.

Importance of using TWRP Recovery

When it comes to rooting your device with TWRP Recovery, it is essential for the users to follow the given stuff. It will be helpful for all the users when it comes to engaging stuff. Let’s follow the below information regarding this rooting application.

  • With the help of TWRP Recovery, it will be easy for the users to use Xposed modules.
  • This rooting application will help to overclock as well as underclock.
  • By using this rooting application, you can easily root and unroot with a single click.
  • It helps to restore all the backup files without hassles.
  • The user can flash the files of mod zip to customize the device.
  • You can flash any files using this rooting app.
  • Also, the user can handle the process of clearing cache, data and wipe.
  • If any bloatware available, and then it is easy for the user to remove.


Before going to download and install this rooting application, it is essential for the people to keep in mind that what are all the requirements needed. Here we are providing the stuff required to install and root.

  • For Essential PH 2, make sure to have unlocked the phone bootloader.
  • The laptop that runs on Windows 8/8.1/10.
  • Have USB data cable for connecting purpose.
  • Make sure to download ADB Drivers, TWRP Recovery and Minimal Fastboot, then install it on your PC.
  • Now, the image which has flashable image should extract its content from Zip file.
  • The users need to download SuperSU.
  • Finally, the user needs to find the respective stock boot image file and download it as per the Android device required.

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Note: Before going to install and root your device, make sure to back up your files located on your device and charge your phone.

Install TWRP Recovery on Essential Ph 2

Here we are issuing some of the simple steps to follow for installing the TWRP recovery on your device. All you just need to follow the simple steps as given below.

  1. At first, we all know that the user is already having unlocked the phone bootloader. Now, make sure to enable the USB debugging as well as Developer options.
  2. Now, check out whether the installation process is done with ADR drivers and Minimal Fastboot on your PC. You can see now the folder C:\adb
  3. Get ready to extract stock boot .img files of TWRP and PH 2. Now, it is essential for you to copy .img files into ADB folder of C:\adb. The user should rename as recovery.img from a .img Finally, the user needs to copy the SuperSU zip file.
  4. Now, switch OFF your device and press the keys Power button and Volume down button together till the Essential boot logo appears on a screen.
  5. It’s a time to connect your device to PC now with the help of USB cable.
  6. Visit ADB folder and hold the keys Shift and right click on a folder, then choose the option “Open PowerShell window here
    Select PowerShell window here

    Select PowerShell window here

  7. The user needs to send the data to your phone by following the command given below.

adb push

  1. Now, get ready to transfer PH-2 stock boot image and make sure to replace the name as NMJ88CC-STOCK.img
  • adb push NMJ88C-STOCK.img/sdcard/
  1. Now, provide the command given below
  • Fastboot devices
  • Fastboot flash boot recovery.img
  1. In a few seconds, your PC will install TWRP recovery. Now, deliver the command to reboot the device into recovery without any hassles.
  • adb reboot recovery
  1. At last, enter your password or pattern to decrypt the data when prompted for accessing your storage in the device.

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 How to Root Essential Phone PH 2 [Steps]

  1. Now, visit TWRP main menu and select the option “Install.
  2. The user should choose the stock boot image and locate it then tap it.
  3. To start flashing, the user needs to go for “Swipe to confirm flash” and wait for few seconds.
  4. Get back to the main menu of rooting app and select install again.
  5. Now, you need to locate SuperSU .zip file and select it.
    Select SuperSU file

    Select SuperSU file

  6. Then again, the user should go for “Swipe to confirm flash” for flashing and wait until the flashing process to be completed and reboot it.
  7. Finally, the rooting process is completed.

How to Install Custom ROM on Essential Phone PH 2

Requirement to Install Custom ROM

  1. Essential Phone PH 2
  2. Custom Recovery (TWRP)
  3. GApps file
  4. Custom ROM like Lineage OS 14.1


  1. First, you require unlocking the bootloader on Essential phone PH 2.
  2. Next, install a custom You may follow the installation process of TWRP (discussed above)
  3. Now download Custom ROM file and related GApps file on your phone. Custom ROM and GApps will come in a .zip file so you should not extract that, just save in SD card or flash drive.
  4. Next boot to custom recovery and see the “Install” button. Hit the button.
    Tap on Install from TWRP Recovery

    Tap on Install from TWRP Recovery

  5. You will get the Custom ROM zip file, flash it. The installation process is started.
  6. After finishing the process, go to “wipe” section in recovery and either select “Wipe Data / Reset” or “wipe cache partition.” Next, wipe the data and cache.

Now the Custom ROM on your essential phone PH 2.

Conclusion: Root and Install Custom ROM on Essential PH 2

Rooting and installing of TWRP on your Essential PH-2 is always essential for you to bring some excellent third-party apps. Here, the given stuff related to the rooting and installation process will be useful to proceed further. Hope the process will be helpful at the time of a rooting process.

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