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Record Screen on Samsung Galaxy S9 & Samsung Galaxy S9+ [Quick Guide]

Application to Record Screen for Samsung Galaxy S9 & Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus are fully loaded with top-notch features. The specifications for both are really impressive. Awesome design and a bezel less display makes the smartphones really attractive. Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus both work on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor and come with 4 GB and 6 GB RAM respectively. The S9 Plus has a dual camera setup of two sensors of 12 MP each while the S9 has a single 12 MP sensor. Apart from these there is tons of other functionality provided in both devices.


How to Record screen on Galaxy S9 and S9+

But, the feature which both Samsung Galaxy S9 & Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus are missing is the ability to record screen. Both devices don’t come with a native screen recorder. Many You Tubers prepare tutorial videos on their smartphones and many people record screens for a future reference so a screen recorder is a necessity in such cases. However, lack of a native screen recorder doesn’t mean that you can’t record screen from your S9 or S9+ device but you need to install a third party application for the purpose.

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Can I Record My Screen on Samsung Galaxy S9/ S9+?

If you search in Google Play Store you will get a plethora of screen recording applications. However, some work and some don’t. Most of the available screen recording applications have an intricate user interface and some require root access. Confused? Let us clear your confusion by introducing to you AZ Screen Recorder -No Root. You can download this 3rd party screen recording application, directly from Google Play Store.

Usage of this screen recording application is pretty simple and sports a clean user interface. Many screen recording applications tend to take a large portion of your device’s RAM for executing their operation leaving little or no space for other essential operations. But, this is not the case with AZ Screen Recorder, as the application needs the least amount of RAM as compared to relative screen recording applications.

Steps and Features AZ Screen Recorder on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+

  • As a first, you need to download and install this application from here:
                       AZ Screen Recorder
  • Post successful installation of the application launch it.
  • Once you are ready to record, please hit the record button.
  • Screen recording will start. When you have captured your need, tap on the Stop button.
  • That’s it folks! The saved screen recording will be available in your gallery as a Saved Video.

Besides the normal functionality AZ Screen Recorder has got tons of other features as well:

  • You can change the screen resolution in the recording and also modify frame rate.
  • You can share the screen record video with your friends.
  • You can trim and edit the video as well as add background music to it.
  • Last, but not the least, you don’t require to root your device for using this screen recording application.


However, if you are looking to record just a game then S9 & S9 plus do have an inbuilt feature for that. Check it out below:

Record Game Play on Samsung Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9 Plus [STEPS]

  • First of all you need to navigate to Settings-> Advanced Features -> Game 
  • Please toggle on the option of Game.
  • Now, navigate back to the home screen and open the game launcher application.
  • Please choose the game which you want to record. You will see a red floating button now. Just tap on it for the recording process to start.
  • When you want to recording screen please click on the same button once again.

So, folks, these were the simple steps through which you can, without any trouble, record the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S9 & Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Any confusion in the process? Please let us know by writing it down in comments below. Also, if you have any additional questions to ask please feel free to drop them as well in comments section below.

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