[How-To] Get Back Your Lost Clash of Clans Village {Easy Recover Ways}

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If you like to play Clash of Clans and are an ardent fan of the online multiplayer game then you can imagine how frustrating and annoying, losing an entire village, can be for the gamer. All your progress will go down the drain. Starting from scratch especially when you were playing big can be disheartening and ultimately you may choose to drop playing the game altogether. However, we don’t want you to stop playing your favorite game as there is a tried and tested method through which you can get your lost Clash of Clans village back; easy and smooth. The same, we are going to share in this post.


Recover Lost Clash of Clans Village on Android/iOS devices

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Get Lost Clash of Clans Village Back [STEPS]

  • As a first, please open the application first.
  • Next tap on Game Settings -> Help & Support.

Settings of Clash of Clans Game

  • Clicking on Help & Support will result in the opening of a page highlighting some of the  most common issues faced by gamers. Tap on the ‘Lost Village’ section.

Recover Lost Clash of Clans Village Now

  • Now, you will see a number of related sub-issues under the section.
  • Please tap on ‘I lost my village! How do I get it back?’ or anything similar to this.
  • Under this sub-section Clash of Clans team has detailed the entire method to get your lost clash of clans village back. However, for your convenience, we have explained the method below.

Simple Steps to Get Lost Clash of Clans Village Back

  • On the ‘Help & Support’ section’s top-right corner you will be able to locate a ‘Send Message’ button.
  • A message window will pop up. Here you need to enter the subject that you lost your Clash of Clans village and want to restore it back. Also, you need to enter the following mandatory details along with the message:
    • Name of your Clans.
    • Name of your Clans Villages.
    • The Level of your villages.
    • The level of your villages town halls.
    • When you actually started playing from this village’s account?
    • If possible, please attach a screenshot of your lost village as well.

Message to recover clash of clans village back

  • Click on ‘Send’ and you will be displayed a confirmation screen. Within 3-4 working days Clash of Clans team will reach out to you and they might ask you to confirm the same details which you provided once again.
  • Thereafter you just need to wait for a few more working days and you will receive an alphanumeric code via message. Please enter the same code in the ‘Link My Device’ option and that’s all it takes to get your lost Clash of Clans village back.

Now, since you have got your lost Clash of Clans village back it is time that you take steps to not lose it again.

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Backup Clash of Clans Game Data [STEPS]

  • Please launch the game and again navigate to ‘Settings’ option.
  • Inside ‘Settings’ you will probably locate a Google + sign with a ‘Disconnected’ label.
  • Click here and sign in using your Google+ Id. If the same asks you to provide certain permissions please do that. Now click on ‘Sign In.’
  • Great! You are done! From now on, every progress of your game will be saved online and you will never fall into the situation of losing your entire village once again.

This backup will come in handy when you are trying to restore your Clash of Clans game on a new handset. Read the following steps to know how to restore the game.

delete coc account

Recover Lost Clash of Clans Village Back

Restore Clash of Clans Game [STEPS]

  • For restoring your saved game you again need to launch the game and navigate to ‘Settings.’
  • Now, all you need to do is to login to your Google+ Account on this new device.
  • Once you click on ‘Sign In’ the game data will be synced from the servers and in not time you will have your entire Clash of Clans progress on your new device.
  • Saving your game’s data to your Google+ Account is the best way to preserve your game data forever.

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Conclusion: Get Back Lost Clash of Clans Village

We hope that you never fall into a situation of losing your Clash of Clans village again. Don’t worry! You never will! Linking to Google+ Account is the sure shot way that no matter what happens your Clash of Clans progress is always safe.

But, please keep in mind that you shouldn’t loose your Google Account credentials. Of course, you can recover and reset your Google+ password but the situation will become miserable if you forget your Google+ security questions too. Hence, it is best to add a recovery mobile number to your Google Account. This way you can always recover your Google Account by simply getting a password reset code on the registered mobile number.

For any additional questions and queries please use the comments section provided below.

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