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How to Install Kodi on a Smart TV [Complete Guide]

In day to day trends, Smart TVs has become more familiar among the people. Nowadays, Smart TVs are mainly come up with excellent features. Moreover, the crazy things about the Smart TVs are where you can watch your favorite stuff on a big screen. In the current version of Smart TVs, we could see a lot of technology comprised of.

If you aren’t aware of Smart TVs, then it is essential for you to check out that how it becomes more popular in recent years. One must know that the Smart TVs are mainly working with a lot of stuff like internet connectivity. Also, the users can get the content to watch on screen from non-traditional sources and allows you to stream video services without any hassles. This thing raises the questions among the people that whether the TV has an inbuilt set-top box to stream videos. This kind of process will be majorly done with the help of Kodi.

install kodi on smart Tv

Kodi is the software which helps to stream the videos as per your interest on your Smart TVs. By using more Add-ons, you can get more amount of entertainment to watch whenever you want. Kodi is absolutely free for the user to download and install to stream videos on your Smart TV. For your information, every Smart TV has the potential to run Kodi. This thing makes the users watch videos as per their interest.

Important things to note before using Kodi

It is often and common that streaming videos from online but the fact is it should not be the content that can cause copyrights issue. In this case, make sure to use VPN to avoid this kind of problems. For your information, VPN will help to protect the privacy by just encrypting the files of data which is difficult to crack. By using VPN, it will help to avoid buffering and bring you the fast connection speed. You can also find a no-logging policy which helps to protect your privacy. More, you can use any contents with no limited restrictions. If you are looking for the VPN to use, then IPVanish is always considered to be the best option for you to choose.

Why is Kodi useful and Will my Smart TV run Kodi?

For your information, Kodi is considered to be one of the best and famous media software. Kodi is majorly used for playing the content that is stored on the device. On the other side, it will also help to stream through a network connection. It means you can stream the videos from the internet with the help of external modules. Thus the external modules are mainly called as add-ons where you can download and easily added to watch further. The major highlighted thing is you can download several add-ons from a website and sideload. If you are looking for Kodi to download, then you can find it many platforms like Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows and more.

The primary query asked by most of the people is whether it has the chance to install Kodi on smart TV. It is simple than you expected and starts to use further without further any delay. Most of the Smart TVs will support stream but some may not. The fact mainly depends on the operating system that your Smart TV runs.

We are listing down few of the Smart TV manufaturers and lets check about the Kodi Compatibility. Hope this will help out our readers to roll down a suggestion.

Samsung Smart TVs: Smasung Smart TVs are one of the best makers out there and as per our sources most of the Samsung Smart TVs works out with KODI.

Sony Smart TVs : These smart TVs concept has been evolved and running up through different OS. As far as Kodi is concerned, the Smart TV requires an android OS

LG Smart TVs: It will be surprised to know that some of the LG TVs are running on webOS and we mentioned above that if its on Android, Kodi will run fine.

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Install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV

Previously Samsung built Smart TV with Tizen and Android operating system, but now all TVs are coming from the house with Tizen. The Tizen Operating system does not support Kodi till now. In 2015, there was a hope that the process of porting Kodi with Tizen was developed but in 2017, we have heard that Kodi for Tizen would not come soon. Therefore you will not be able to enjoy the services of Kodi on your Samsung Smart TV. If you are looking forward to getting access to Kodi; you need to add an Android Player such as Nvidia Shield or Nexus on your device before gaining access.

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Install Kodi on LG Smart TV

Install Kodi on LG Smart TV

Install Kodi on LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV is one of the most familiar and one of the best players in the technology industry which includes WebOS and Android operating system as working platforms. In case if you have an android operating system on your LG Smart TV; then you are the luckiest one; just install XBMC on your device and get access to Kodi. WebOS is not a robust operating system; since it is quite capable of running applications like YouTube and Netflix on it. For installing Kodi on your LG Smart TV just follow the steps given below:

  • Open up your Google Play Store and then search for the option of Kodi.
  • Select and install the latest version of Kodi on your device and wait for the process to get completed.
  • Once done with it; enjoy accessing a large number of your favorite shows, TV programs, movies, videos and much more without making many efforts.

Many users do not use Kodi natively, follow some workarounds like access Kodi on Raspberry Pi, intall Kodi using Android or Kodi Box etc. You need to tinker with hardware and software if you go with the process of installing Kodi on Raspberry Pi and most of do not like that. So Access Kodi using Android Box is a safest method.

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Android TV Box or Kodi Box to run Kodi on Smart TV

As we have mentioned earlier; only Android Smart TVs are supported for Kodi accessing. You are not able to access Kodi on Tizen and WebOS till now. If you are interested in running Kodi on these devices, you need to take help of your computer system or need to buy an android box for your smart TV.

Use Nvidia Shield to run Kodi on TV

Nvidia Shield to run Kodi on Smart TV

Nvidia Shield to run Kodi on Smart TV

Nvidia Shield is one of the most expensive and best devices to get access to Kodi from your smart TV. It correctly supports 4K Smart TV and also includes a very user-friendly interface which you can efficiently work on. The installation process is quite simple and needs only a voice search feature of the remote. It is one of the smoothest experiences where you can download and play 4K, 1080P videos on Kodi.

Use Amazon FireStick to run Kodi on smart TV

Amazon FireStick to run Kodi on smart TV

Amazon FireStick to run Kodi on smart TV

Using Amazon FireStick to run Kodi on intelligent TV is one of the cheapest methods to get access to Kodi on your Smart TV. Though the device is not powered up to support 4K but has enough power to run 1080P videos. It enables you to get smooth access on your device. Just choose the suitable option for running Kodi on your Smart TV as per your budget and enjoy accessing unlimited videos, movies, TV shows, sports, games and much more on it.

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Conclusion : How to Install Kodi on Smart TV

On the whole, it is simple and easy to access by the users directly from external TV Box rather than running Kodi on TV. As we all know that TV already has excellent features to follow and you can add more features by adding Kodi on smart TV. The best part of installing Kodi is you can add any video formats to watch. If you are the user of Kodi, then it is easy for you to install Kodi on smart TV.

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