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[How-To] Install Dolby Atmos on OnePlus 6 [Complete Guide] [Root Required]

If you are wondering what is Dolby Atmos, then let us tell you that Dolby Atmos is an audio mod which tremendously enhances the experience of listening to audio on your smart phone. In this post, we are going to share with you the steps to get Dolby Atmos audio mod working on your OnePlus 6 smartphone. OnePlus 6, launched recently this year, is the latest entrant to the OnePlus series and has already taken over the smartphone market by storm. Apart from the plethora of features available in their smartphones, OnePlus is preferred by Android enthusiasts for its great customization and development support. As of now a number of custom ROMs and other mods are available for OnePlus 6.


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All credit of bringing the Dolby Atmos mod to OnePlus 6 goes to the XDA identified contributor guitardedhero who has already gained credit for bringing this amazing audio mod to OnePlus 5. With an amazingly small size of 7.2 MB, the Dolby Atmos mod will, undoubtedly, take your audio experience on OnePlus 6 to a whole new level. Before going ahead with the installation; below are certain pre-requirements that your device is required to have.

Dolby Atmos for OnePlus 6 [Requirements]

  • Please note that the mod available in this guide is tested only on OnePlus 6; hence, you shouldn’t attempt to install it in any other device.
  • Android Oreo must be the OS on which your OnePlus 6 should be running for this mod to work.
  • Root is required for this mod to get enabled on your OnePlus 6. If your device isn’t rooted then you can read our guide here to root OnePlus 6.
  • Custom Recovery, such as TWRP, must be installed on your OnePlus 6.
  • Before you move ahead with the installation; it is highly recommended that you make a computer nandroid backup of your device. 

Once you fulfill all the above-mentioned requirements, please proceed through the following installation steps:


Install Dolby Atmos for OnePlus 6 [STEPS]

  • As  a first please download the Dolby Atmos ZIP file from here.
  • Thereafter, copy the same to your smartphone and navigate to Settings -> Sound & Disable Audio Tuner.
  • Reboot your device into recovery mode and, if you haven’t yet taken the Nandroid Backup, it is time that you take it now before proceeding ahead.
  • Cool! Please navigate back to the main screen of TWRP custom recovery and using the ‘Install’ option; select the downloaded Dolby Atmos file and swipe to confirm flash.
  • Restart your device.
  • Once your device successfully reboots; you will find Dolby Atmos audio mod installed on your OnePlus 6 device. Moreover, you will find a considerable difference in the audio coming out of your smartphone.

Take Audio Experience to a Whole New Level on OnePlus 6 with Dolby Atmos Audio Mod

So, these were the simple steps through which you can unravel the power of audio on your OnePlus 6 by installed Dolby Atmos audio mod. In case you need any help or have certain questions to ask you are welcome to put them down in the comments section provided below.

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