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How To Use Google Tez on Any Rooted Android Device [Guide]

Mobile payment transaction service has become more common among the people in recent days. We could find a lot of applications get roaming across the internet and in the store to download. However, it is essential for the people to find out whether the payment transaction applications are meeting your expectations or not. However, some of the apps are highly useful when it comes to transactions, but they are grabbing the taxes and send to the receiver’s account. In this case, Tez app makes a great entry.

It is said to be the best mobile payments service in India that mainly operates with the help of a unified payments interface. For your information, it can be mainly used in the acceptance of UPI payments. Generally, while using the other wallet applications, you could have experienced that you need to store the amount and send then the user can make transactions. When it comes to this application, it does not require saving the money while making the digital payments at any time. While making every transaction, thus the sender needs to enter the UPI pin as an additional secures which leads to locking your phone.

When it comes to run the Google Play on a rooted device, it is essential for you to get certification from the PlayStore. To make it happen, thus the device should be mainly rooted with the help of Magisk. For your information, thus the Magisk is mainly said to be the systemless rooting method. This could be the primary way to modify the respective system instead of just modifying it at any time. At this condition, instead of just modifying the system files, it will store the modifications in the boot partition. During this process, thus the modifications will not detect by Google SafetyNet at any time which will also make the things better. Also Read: How to Root OnePlus 6 and Install TWRP Custom Recovery [Latest Tutorial].

How To Use Google Tez on Rooted Android Device [STEPS]

As we mentioned earlier, Tez application is beneficial for all the people who often made digital transactions. However, many of them recently started claiming that the Tex application is not working on their devices. If you are the one who is struggling to face the similar issue then keep it in mind, it might be because of a rooted device.

  • To achieve this main trick, your rooted device should have installed Magisk.
  • If you are running SuperSu currently, then you can switch the device from SuperSu to Magisk [Complete Guide].
Tez cannot be used

Tez cannot be used

When it comes to enable the Google Tez on your rooted device, then it is essential for you to follow the below-mentioned steps.

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Step 1: Enable options in Magisk settings

It is essential for you to enable the options which are available in the Magisk settings. Let’s follow the options listed below to enable. This thing will be helpful for all the seekers to run android pay over the rooted device.

Enable Magisk different systems

Enable Magisk different systems

In case, if your rooted device stuck with SafetyNet check, then the Tez app will not work until you fix it. However, thus the presence of the Xposed frameworks will not allow the device to pass the SafetyNet check. If you have the device with the June security patches, then it requires to enabling the Megisk core mode by visiting the settings before the SafetyNet check.

Step 2: Modifying Google Play Services

  • All you need to visit the settings and navigate to Apps and search for Google Play Services.
  • Now, you need to click on permissions and if you find it enabled, then disable it.
    Tweaking Google Play Services

    Tweaking Google Play Services

    Step 3: Install Tez and Modifying Magisk Hide

  • Navigate to Google PlayStore and then install Tez app and do not open it.
  • Now, go to the “Magisk Manager” then “Magisk hide” and find Tez app. Now enable the same.
  • Finally, you can now open the Tez application and start to use without any hassles.
    Hide Magisk

    Hide Magisk

Conclusion: How To Use Google Tez on Rooted Android Device

If you are struggling to find the way of running the Tez application on your rooted device, then follow the process mentioned above to sort it and find the solution. Hope it will be now helpful for the smoother digital transactions on your rooted device.

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