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How To Unlock Bootloader on Xiaomi Mi A2 / A2 Lite using Fastboot method [Guide]

Xiaomi Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite are the latest Android One smartphones that come from the house of Xiaomi. Both of these device from Xiaomi are budget range devices with powerful hardware as well as Software from Google. Thanks to Android One project, both Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite are running on stock Android. When we talk about hardware, Mi A2 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipsets. On the other hand, Mi A2 has the same SD 625 chipset which was used in Mi A1. Like Mi A1, these smartphones are also gaining lots of love from Xiaomi fans. The major reason for the popularity is stock Android which comes under the Android One program.


In this fast pace of the mobile industry, software plays an integral role in the success of any smartphone. Every smartphone manufacturer is making their smartphone unique from the other in terms of user interface. Companies are adding their own custom skins in order to make buttery smooth user experience by adding more customization options. But, some people still prefer stock Android which includes a clean and light user interface with no additional bloatware. If you are one of those users who don’t like custom skins then, these smartphones from Xiaomi are best for you.

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Are you tech geek and want to get most of your Mi A2 device? Superuser access will allow you to customize your Android device in various aspects such as change clock speed, access cache, and much more. But, modifying the system is not possible if your device bootloader is locked. Unlocking the bootloader will allow the user to modify the system by rooting, installing custom ROMS, recovery image, etc. Well, you can follow this article to know How to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi Mi A2 or Mi A2 Lite using the Fastboot method.

Benefits of unlocking bootloader:

  • One of the major reasons behind unlocking the device bootloader is to install Custom recovery like TWRP. Once you installed the custom recovery, it is very easy to flash other system patches.
  • Unlocking the bootloader enables you to install any Custom ROM easily without any problem.
  • Rooting the device is also easier after unlocking the bootloader. Simply flash the SuperSu or Magisk zip file through custom recovery in order to root your device.
  • Unlocking the bootloader make customization easier. You can customize your Android device as per your needs.
  • One could also install custom kernals like Agni, Radeon, etc to chsange the clock speed of the processor. We never recommend you to overclock or underclock your processor. It will cause a negative effect on your device.
  • If your Android smartphone comes with lots of useless bloatware then, you can remove them after unlocking the bootloader.

There are tons of other benefits of unlocking the bootloader of any Android device. So, without further delay let’s talk about how to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi Mi A2 or Mi A2 Lite using the Fastboot method.

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Requirements for unlocking bootloader of Xiaomi Mi A2:

  • Charge your Android device at least 70 percent to avoid any power issue.
  • You have to download and install the ADB fastboot & minimal on your computer.
  • Enable the USB debugging on your Android device. One can enable it by going to the Settings > System > Developer Option > enable USB debugging. If Developer option is not visible then, simply go to the about phone and tap on the Build number 5 – 6 times.
  • You have to also enable OEM unlocking under the Developer option.
  • Download and install Mi A2 drivers on your computer.
  • Take a proper backup of your internal storage and apps in order to avoid data loss. Unlocking the bootloader will wipe all data including apps and internal storage.

How to Unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi Mi A2/A2 Lite using the Fastboot method [Steps]

Step 1: Open the ADB Fastboot & Minimal folder on your computer.

Step 2: Hold Shift and right click on the white empty area on the ADB Fastboot & Minimal folder and choose “Open PowerShell window here” or “Open Command window here”.

How to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi Mi A2A2 Lite using the Fastboot method - step 2

Click on “Open PoweShell window here”.

Step 3: Now, you have to connect your Android device to the computer via USB type C cable.

Step 4: Now, you have to reboot your device into the bootloader mode by entering the following command:

adb reboot bootloader 

Step 5: After that, check your device is properly connected or not by simply type the below command:

adb devices

If the device is connected properly to the computer then, you will see the unique device ID. If not then, make sure drivers are properly installed and follow the above steps again.

Step 6: Now, it’s time to unlock the bootloader by entering:

fastboot oem unlock

Step 7: Your Android device screen will prompt with the warning messages when the above command executes.

Step 8: Choose “Unlock the Bootloader” and press the “power” button to select. Finally, your device will reboot into normal mode.

Conclusion: Unlock Bootloader on Xiaomi Mi A2 / A2 Lite using Fastboot method

I hope this guide will help you in successfully unlocking the bootloader on Xiaomi Mi A2/A2 Lite using the fastboot method. If you faced any problem then, let us know by leaving the comment below.

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