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OnePlus 6 Unbrick GUIDE | How To Unbrick OnePlus 6 from a Hard Brick

Did you happen to brick your OnePlus 6 while installing custom ROMs and messing around? Well! It certainly is a disaster for you. But, there is, absolutely, no need to worry at all as in this guide we are going to share with you the process to Unbrick OnePlus 6 with the aid and assistance of Qualcomm tool. The term ‘brick’ is used in the Android world to describe the situation when the OS of your mobile gets corrupt thereby preventing your device to boot.

unbrick oneplus 6

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Talking about OnePlus 6 it, truly, is a spectacular addition to the OnePlus family and is an absolute masterpiece. Since, all devices of OnePlus are extremely popular among the Android developer community it becomes pretty normal for the OnePlus phones to have a plethora of custom ROMs and other mods available. However, the device is most likely to get bricked when installing an unstable or incompatible custom ROM. Even, any kind of error in recovery mode is likely to brick your device. Whatever the reason may be, in this guide, you will get a step by step solution to Unbrick your OnePlus 6.


Please note that in this guide we are going to share with you the process to tackle the hard brick situation. Hard brick means you are unable to access the boot screen of your device and thus not able to enter the recovery mode. Following are certain prerequisites that you need to take care of before initiating the procedure.

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How To Unbrick OnePlus 6 using Qualcomm Tool [STEPS]

  • As a first, you need to switch off your device. Thereafter press and hold Volume Up  + Power button to make your device enter into Fastboot / Bootloader Mode.
  • Now, let your device be in bootloader mode and connect it to your PC via USB Cable.
  • Using Windows Key + R launch the Run Dialog Box and key in the following command:
  • This command will open up a device manager highlighting the list of connected devices. Provided your OnePlus 6 is connected correctly ‘Unknown Device or QHUSB_BULK‘ will be visible in the list.
  • Just right click on it and select ‘Update Device Software.’ You are required to use manual installation and thereafter select the Driver Folder.
  • Post successful installation ‘Qualcomm  HS-USB QDLoader 9008‘ will get visible in the device manager under the ‘Ports’ section.


  • Cool! Now you require extracting the OnePlus 6 official Unbrick Tool on your desktop. Run MSM Download Tool Version 1.7 as administrator.
  • Once the tool opens up you will see your device present in the list as ComÉè±.


  • On the top-left of the MSM Tool you will see a ‘Start‘ button. Tap on it and the Unbrick process will start for your OnePlus 6. Be patient for the time till the status next to your device turns green.
  • Post green status just unplug your device and you will see that your OnePlus 6 will restart and launch into system.

Conclusion: Complete Guide to Unbrick OnePlus 6 from Hard Brick

Congratulations! Your device is working now. So, these were the steps through which you can successfully Unbrick your OnePlus 6. If you are unable to follow the steps or your device didn’t Unbrick please let us know about the same in comments section below. We are always happy to help you.

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