How-To Get Stock Android like look in EMUI (NO ROOT)

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Since the humble beginning of Huawei & Honor in December 2012, they are utilizing their custom skin EMUI on each and every device manufactured under their hood. The EMUI Skin, in its earlier days, looked more like something copied from iOS rather than anything close to Android on which it is based. However, after a plenitude of updates, Huawei/Honor has brought in a lot of configurations to bring the looks of EMUI closer to Android. However, in reality, it is still quite far from a stock Android experience.


Get a Stock Android Experience on EMUI [Huawei/Honor] No Root

Now you can download EMUI 9 (based on Android Pie 9.0) on your Huawei/Honor device. Click here for the steps.

For anybody who loves the stock Android experience, navigating through EMUI skin might be quite annoying. That’s why we have brought this guide for you. In this post, we are going to share with you certain tips and tricks to make your Huawei/Honor device’s user interface feel like you are working on stock Android.

How-To Get Stock Android look in EMUI [STEPS]

Follow the below steps to make navigation and working on EMUI feel much closer to stock Android on your Huawei/Honor devices.

Step 1 -> Enabling the App Drawer

You know that, by default, EMUI seems like much closer to iOS rather than Android. This is because EMUI displays each and every icon on the home screen of your Huawei/Honor device. Hence, in order to make your experience working with EMUI feel like stock Android, you require enabling the App Drawer. Follow the below steps to enable the same on your Huawei/Honor device.

  • Open the ‘Settings‘ application.
  • Go to ‘Display’ and click on ‘Home Screen Style.’
  • From here you can select the ‘Drawer‘ option.
  • That’s it! The App Drawer would get enabled on your Huawei/Honor device this way.


Step 2 -> Install Pixel 3 EMUI Theme

This is one of the biggest strength of EMUI. It has got an incredibly powerful themes engine. A lot many options are available in the category of themes for EMUI. Hence, making use of this power to make your EMUI user interface feel like stock Android seems to be a good option.

You can download Android Pie Concept Theme from here and thereafter please follow the below steps to install the same on your Huawei/Honor device.

  • Copy the <<Theme_Name>>.Hwt files to the “HWtheme” folder in your device’s SD Card/Internal Memory.
  • Please launch the Theme Application on your Huawei Phone.
  • Make your way to the ‘Offline‘ section.
  • Browse for the theme and hit ‘Apply.’

The theme will customize the appearance of your device to resemble more like stock Android.

Also check: Install Stock Firmware on Huawei & Honor Phones [Complete Guide].

Step 3 -> Change the Volume Slider Interface

You might know that the volume slider in the latest Android 9.0 has been revamped to come up on the right edge of your screen in a vertical orientation. The entire credit goes to XDA developer yogi.306, you can have the same experience on your Huawei/Honor device as well. All you require doing is to download the APK from here, install the same and provide it with required permissions to do its task.

How to Get Stock Like Android feel in EMUI

So, these are some of the easiest ways to make EMUI look and feel like stock Android. If you know any other better way which is not mentioned in this guide, then please let our readers know about the same by mentioning it in the comments section provided below. We will love to hear from you.

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