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    • Hey here jimmy..i see your problem and i try to solve it give your id or password on this gmail….roygolu947@gmail. com
      Thanks and regardimg.

    • Sir please unban and recover to my th9 account , I not do any mistakes ,if I do so sorry ,plz unban me, my username is Abdul Ahad, xp lvl is 100 , tag is #90Q8P2J9G ,plz unban my account as fast as possible

  • I just got permanently banned yesterday and I contacted them to bring it back. I got my account back today and all you need to do is contact them, answer some questions, and wait. It might take a long while before they respond but atleast you can have your account back. Hopes up! 🙂

  • Hello , my COC account was banned yesterday because of account phishing. I don’t know why. it was TH 12. Please sir help me to get it back my account is everything for me I trusted to supercell my account. I have no idea why i was banned so please help me back account

  • Sir, my account was banned due to account phishing attempt(s). Please help me because coc is my most favorite game. My account name is ❤Priya❤. And tag is #PYJYYPL29.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • I was banned for no reason
    Please .. I need to return it back
    Name of village: master the game
    LVL 109
    Town hall 9
    Do something to return it back
    I didn’t do anything wrong

  • My account VISHESH (#YGJJ8YRQU) is banned by mistake, i was for my previous account named EMO FIGHTER (#G8OYPPR9) that was stolen by a hacker and take account and also played on it.I was just log in to it but i don’get it and i resgister on lost account but i do a register mistake and i have a problem by numer 0 and alphabet O.Supercell team said they get but it was a wrong account that i don’t know.

    The next day when i started the game, it was written that i was permantly banned.plz i want my VISHESH account back i don’t want more account that create problem.

  • Sir,please help me one time mistake is done by every person i also do mistake by mistickly.but i dont do this.my account is permantently banded yestarday .please help me i did not do misyake sorry sir ilike coc very much i am a fan of coc in real say mom promise.please return my account sir plzz.

    • So,sorry sir please help me mistake is done by all person i also do a mostake give me a one chance sir i cant do any mistake .my account is permentaly banded .please help me i like coc very much .townhall is 12.please help god.

  • Hii
    I am th 10 max account amd i am ban because i am trying to hack other account.
    Please help me to unban my account.
    My gmail is
    0107jumaruresh@gmail. com
    Passward is
    Xp level 123
    Clash name is=Leage of super

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