How To Flip Camera While Recording Video in Android/iOS Phone

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The days are over when you had to carry a dedicated camera for capturing priceless moments when heading for a vacation or on a special occasion. Now, the job of the camera is done by your smartphone itself. In fact, the smartphone cameras have gone so advanced, with a ton of features, that they have surpassed the majority of the standalone cameras. Devices like Huawei P20 Pro, Google Pixel 3, iPhone XS and many others are known for their fantastic cameras. The functionality of smartphone cameras is not merely limited to taking pictures but they can record videos in 1080p and even 4K resolution.


Flip Camera While Recording Video on Android or iOS Smartphone

Google Camera’s Night Sight feature is here. Download on Pixel 2/ Pixel device from here.

However, there is one feature which the users are longing for. Users want to be able to flip the cameras from front to rear and vice-versa while recording a video. So, if you are looking for the same we are here to help you with certain tips and tricks through which you can achieve the same.

How To Flip Camera from Front to Rear & Vice-Versa While Video Recording

Please note that the native camera application in any phone doesn’t support flipping while recording a video. However, you can utilize social applications such as Instagram and Snapchat to do the trick for you. Below we have discussed the steps for both Instagram and Snapchat for your convenience.

Method 1: Utilizing Instagram

Please note that the below-provided steps will work for both an Android device and iPhone as well.

  • As a first, please launch the Instagram application on your Android device or iPhone. Please move to the Story Screen through the Camera icon present on the top-left corner.


  • For iPhone users; they require holding the camera icon in Normal Mode and commence recording their video. For flipping, they simply require tapping anywhere on the screen while holding the camera icon.


  • On Android Devices, instead of Normal Mode, the Hands-Free mode is supposed to be utilized. While recording a video in Hands-Free mode, double tapping anywhere on the screen will flip the camera. Please note that Hands-Free mode can be utilized on iPhone as well for the same purpose.


  • Instagram supports only 15-second stories; hence, you require shooting multiple videos if you want to have a longer clip.

Now you can download Asus PixelMaster Camera application for your Android device. Check the steps here.

Method 2: Using Snapchat

  • Launch the Snapchat application and through the camera icon, please start recording.


  • Simply double tap anywhere on the screen while recording to flip the camera.
  • Press the ‘Save‘ button after you have finished recording.
  • Again, you require capturing multiple videos if you desire a longer clip.
  • Same steps will work on Android devices as well as iPhone.

How To Merge Multiple Videos Together After Capturing

Case 1: Android Devices

For Android devices, you can take the help of any one of the following applications for merging multiple videos together.

  • Timbre Cut, Join MP4 Video. – Download Here.
  • V Edit Cutter and Merger. – Download Here.
  • AndroVid Video Editor. – Download Here.

Case 2: For iPhone

For iPhone, you can take the help of any one of the following applications for merging multiple videos together.

  • Video Mixer and Merger. – Download Here.
  • Video Joiner and Trimmer – Download Here.

You can install Pixel 3 Camera on your Pixel 2/Pixel Device as well. Check out the steps here.

Flip Between Front & Rear Camera While Shooting Video on Smartphone

So, these were the steps through which you can utilize social applications to flip between front and rear camera and vice-versa while shooting video on your smartphone. Please note that the provided steps will work perfectly for all Android smartphones as well as on iPhone. In case you face any issues during the process or have any questions to ask please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below. Also, let us know if you have in mind any other method to do the trick.

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