How To Fix “There Was A Problem Parsing the Package” – Parse Error

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We all know that most of the oldest and common errors users are mostly facing it on Android device often. One of the common issues that we are facing it is “Parse Error: There is a problem parsing the package.” One of the best things that we used to experience in a current scenario is Android OS. Thus the best thing about the Smartphone OS is where you can find the vast collection of applications to check out.

It is very common for the Smartphone users to prefer the OS of latest launch. During this condition, people would prefer the apps collection and then make their decision to move or not. Generally, most of the Android phone users are sinking with lots of advantages comprised of Android OS. But the fact is we can’t see any protected source to fix the errors if anything appears on the screen.

Fix parse error in android

The error means it the application you cannot install on your device due to the error when comes to parsing. On the other side, if the users keep on changing the apps manifest file according to their needs, then your Android device would respond with “Parse Error.” However, one must know that various issues may cause the Parse Errors. Now, we are going to discuss that how to fix the Parse Error in Android device.

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Causes of Parse Error in Android Devices

It is important for the users to know about the Parse Error and how it majorly causes. But one must understand that the causes can be varied for most of the time.

  • Most of the time, third-party security application will block the installation of an app.
  • If you did changes in app’s manifest, then there will be a chance of Parse Error.
  • Android OS is not compatible with the application.
  • Unknown sources may not permit to allow for install the third-party apps.

These are some of the common causes may lead to view the issue like Parse Error on Android device.

How to Fix “Parse Error – there is an error parsing the package” [Methods]

Method 1: From Unknown sources to allow installing applications

  1. Most of the time, you are not allowed to install the third party app on your Android device. When it comes to installing the third-party applications, there will be a possibility of causing harm to your device.
  2. In this case, if you are going to install .apk file on your device, then you may face “Parse Error – there is an error parsing the package.
    Parse error

    Parse error

  3. To fix this issue, you must enter the settings and tap the security to enable “Unknown sources.” Once it is done, your device will allow third-party apps and lead to fixing the Parse Error.
    Enable Unknown sources

    Enable Unknown sources

  4. Now, you can get back to the download .apk and easily install on your device without any Parse Error.

Method 2: Disable Antivirus

  1. Most of the time you could see the Parse Error on your display screen. However, it is also one of the reasons where the security applications like Antivirus will block the untrusted applications to avoid causing issues.
  2. In case, if you are trying to install .apk file on your device, you may face seeing the error appearing on screen. So, you need to disable the antivirus temporarily and get set to install the .apk file. This thing will help to install .apk file without any Parse Error displaying on Android device.

You can easily try out different mods and tweaks on your android device using Xposed Framework and Xposed Modules, Detailed guide is here: Download and Install Official Xposed Framework on any Android Device.

Method 3: Enable USB Debugging

  • When it comes to installing .apk file on your device, it doesn’t require any enabling of USB debugging. But some of the users might expect to allow the USB debugging to work out well to install .apk file.
  • If you are looking ahead to enable USB Debugging, then it is essential for you to enable “Developer Option
  • To enable “Developer option,” you need to visit settings and tap on About phone then click seven times on Build Number. Once it is done, you need to check “You are now a developer” text on the display screen.
  • Now, get back to the settings and click on Developer options, then click on USB Debugging and enable it further.Enable USB Debug Mode

Method 4: Corrupted APK file

Due to corrupted APK file, there will also be a chance of getting a Parse Error. So, you can also try to download the new .apk file and install it. This thing will help to sort out the issue while appearing of Parse Error on your device.

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Method 5: Clear Cache Cookies in Play Store

There is a big chance that the parsing error has come up due to cookies present in the cache of Google Play Store. Hence, go to Play Store and from the Sidebar navigate to ‘Settings.’ In ‘Settings’ you will find the option to clear the cache and local search history. Clear the same and try installing the application once again.

Alternatively, you can navigate to ‘Installed Apps’ as well in ‘Settings‘ and clear cache and data for the Play Store from there.


Method 6:  Perform a Reset

This is the last option and you must not try it before trying all of the above mentioned methods. Before performing a reset make sure that you have taken a backup of all essential data present in the internal memory of your Android device.


Conclusion:  How to Fix “Parse Error” on Android Devices

The Android users who all are often facing the issue getting a Parse Error on display screen can easily fix it. Hope the above-given methods are helpful for the users when it comes to fix it.

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