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[How-To] Fix Google Pixel 2 Stuck in Bootloop at Startup on G Screen

Google Pixel 2 is, probably, one of the best smartphones of the previous year. Fantastic hardware configuration, availability of all Google Services, best camera of all smartphones and what not is present in Google Pixel 2. With the launch of Pixel 3, though Pixel 2’s popularity has gone low but the features and functionality of this smartphone from Google is immaculate and impeccable. However, there is one software issue with Google Pixel 2 which has affected a bulk of the smartphone users. Under this issue, the Pixel 2 smartphone gets stuck in a bootloop when it is turned on and halts at the G Screen with the Google logo.

Easy Fix Google Pixel 2 Stuck in Bootloop at Startup on G Screen

Fix Google Pixel 2 Stuck in Bootloop at Startup on G Screen

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Fix Issue of Google Pixel 2 Stuck in Boot loop at Startup on Google Logo Screen

Please note that this issue exists in various other Android smartphones as well. Below we have provided certain tried and tested methods to fix the issue. Take note of and perform the steps carefully to avoid aggravating the issue further.

Method 1 – Safe Mode to Fix the Issue of Google Pixel 2 Stuck in Bootloop

  • This is the first method and probably the easiest which you can try to resolve the issue of Google Pixel 2 stuck in bootloop. Under this method you require booting into the system via Safe Mode.
  • Please note that Safe Mode deactivates all the third party applications. In case some 3rd party application is causing the issue of bootloop you will get to know the culprit. Post identification of the culprit application please uninstall the same.
  • For entering into Safe Mode once the Google Logo comes up on Startup; press and hold the Volume Down button until you see ‘Safe Mode‘ at the bottom of your device’s screen.

Method 2 – Boot from Recovery Menu & Fix the Issue of Pixel 2 Stuck in Bootloop

  • Switch off your Pixel 2 device and press and hold Power & Volume Down button. Release the same once the device vibrates.
  • The Android icon will come up on the screen and you require tapping on Volume Down button until you are able to see the option of ‘Recovery Mode.’ Now press the Power button to make a selection.
  • Thereafter, press simultaneously Power and Volume Up button and you will enter into ‘Recovery Mode.’


  • Choose the option of ‘Reboot system now‘ and press the Power Button to provide your confirmation for the same.


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Method 3 – Factory Reset to Fix Pixel 2 Stuck in Bootloop

  • If none of the above provided methods is working then there is probably a software issue and you require to perform a factory reset on your Pixel 2 in order to fix the issue.
  • Please note that this will erase all the data from your device and you have to set up your phone, including setting up the Google account, from scratch.
  • For performing a factory reset please enter into ‘Recovery Mode‘ once again the way it is mentioned in the Method 2 described above.
  • Once in recovery mode utilize the Volume Down button to navigate to ‘Wipe Data/Factory Reset’ option and select the same. Press the power button to provide your confirmation for the factory reset.


Google Pixel 2 Stuck in Bootloop at Startup on G Screen – Here is the Fix

So, these were the three method and utilizing any one of these you can fix the issue of your Google Pixel 2 device stuck in bootloop at startup on the G Screen where Google Logo is displayed. In case your device is stuck in bootloop even after checking out all the above-provided methods, please let us know about the same in the comments section provided below and we will look into the matter for you.

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