How To Download & Install EMUI 9 (Android 9.0) on Huawei / Honor Devices

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EMUI is, actually, the user interface utilized by Huawei on majority of the smartphones manufactured by the company and is based on Android Operating System. EMUI 8 was built upon Android Oreo and its updated version EMUI 8.2 was introduced so that the devices with notches can be supported. Now, since Google has officially introduced Android Pie 9.0 on Pixel series of devices; Huawei has taken one step forward from EMUI 8.2 to EMUI 9 Beta for some of the Huawei and Honor devices.

Android Pie 9.0 on honor/huwaei devices

The top feature of the latest EMUI 9 Beta is the new design for the user interface. The UI has been made more streamlined and to access a particular option users needn’t go inside various menus. Password manager has been updated as well. It encrypts the saved passwords and enable users to enter the passwords through face or finger print scan. Huawei has used native parental controls which are built on similar lines of Google Digital Well Being.

Rest, you get to enjoy the Android Pie 9.0 features as well. Huawei has announced that the new user interface has been built to simplify things for Huawei users. Along with simplification, speed has been a key factor in the development of the new user interface.

EMUI 9 Beta Huawei Devices |  Eligible Devices

Please check the following list of devices. If you are the owner of one of the following devices then you are eligible and allowed to take part in the Beta Program.

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So, if you possess any one of the above-mentioned 7 devices then you can go ahead and enroll yourself in the Beta Program to get your hands on EMUI Beta 9.

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How To Download and Install EMUI 9 Beta on Huawei / Honor Devices [STEPS]

  • Please note that you need to own any one of the devices mentioned above in order to put in your device for EMUI 9 Beta.
  • As a first you require navigating to the Huawei Friendly User Test [FUT] page. From the page, please download the Beta application.
  • Launch the beta application and you will be asked your Huawei ID and password. Please enter the same and sign in to the application.


  • Click on ‘Personal‘ and next, please click on ‘Join Project.
  • Please choose the EMUI 9 Beta Program and click on ‘Sign Up.’

These are the steps to get enrolled in the Huawei Beta Program. Now, you require waiting for some time. Post few minutes you will receive an OTA Update.  Simply, you require installing the OTA Update; just like you do with normal OTA Updates. That’s it! This will install the new Beta 9 on your Huawei / Honor device. Following is a screenshot of the how the new beta update looks like.


 EMUI 9.0 Beta Based on Android Pie for Huawei / Honor | Install EMUI 9 Beta 

Please note that since the ROM is in beta stage so certain errors and bugs are expected. If you are thinking of installing EMUI 9, unofficially, on your Huawei or Honor device; please abandon and discard the thought as Huawei has shut down its bootloader unlocking program. This prevents Huawei users to install custom ROMs on their device. So, that was all from our side. If you have got any questions to ask, please feel free to put down the same in comments section below.

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