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Download Best Custom ROMs for Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL

Marketed and launched by Google with utmost enthusiasm, the Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL, quickly climbed the charts of popularity and gained the slot of  being one of the top sold smartphones. After all, its Google’s name on the mobile device and that is enough for people to put their trust in. The Android OS pre-installed on Google Pixel & Pixel XL delivers a 100% stock experience perfecting the balance between speed, performance and optimizations. However, if you are into customizing and creating a new Android experience then you need the help of custom ROMs. Custom ROMs are the modified firmware for your device which takes the place of stock firmware and comes with certain additional features not available in the stock operating system.


best custom roms for pixel

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However, before moving ahead, please note that if done incorrectly, you may brick your device, in the attempt to flash a custom ROM. Also, the security of your device is a risk when you flash install a custom ROM. Therefore, before moving ahead, please keep in mind the cons associated with flashing Custom ROMs. Once you have decided to move ahead with flash installing a custom ROM please ensure that your Google Pixel & Pixel XL are falling under the following prerequisites.


  • The bootloader of your device must be unlocked.
  • Your Google smartphone must be rooted with a custom recovery, such as TWRP, installed. Check out the process to unlock bootloader, install custom recovery and root your Pixel.
  • Make sure that charging level of your device is at least 75-80%.
  • Also, never forget to backup your data as the process of flashing a custom ROM erases everything.

Great! So, you’re done with the prerequisites! Now, check out the below-provided list of some of the amazing custom ROMs for your Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL.

Download Best Custom ROMs for Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL [Updated]

Pure Nexus Project


Based on Android Nougat, Pure Nexus Project, is an immensely popular custom ROM and one of the most downloaded. Customization is done over the Vanilla Android making this ROM free of any kind of bloatware or unused tweaks. Pure Nexus Project is loved all over because of its speed, light weight and an inbuilt theme engine. There are plenty of useful features capable of making your device fun and easy to operate.  You can download Pure Nexus Project from the below-provided links.

The Hexa Project


With features from several different ROMs combined in one and a foundation based on Cyanogenmod 14.1 makes the Hexa Project a feature-packed ROM. Based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat; the ROM has been recently updated to include OTA updates which makes the process of upgrading the ROM to the new features quite simple, smooth and easier. Fast operation with no system or application crashes are the highlights of the Hexa Project. You can download the same from the below-provided links.



If you are a fan of music then please go ahead with flash installing WETA Custom ROM on your Pixel device. Dolby Atmos, Beat Libraries & effects come pre-installed in this ROM. The out-of-the-world audio system of Sony Xperia Z5 along with GApps is included in the ROM. Download WETA from the below-provided links.

Bliss ROM


Based on Android Nougat, the Bliss ROM, has a multitude of features. No bloatware provides Bliss ROM stability along with great speed. The ROM is still in Alpha stage and no issues, whatsoever, has been reported by the users. The only downside of this custom ROM is that it is only available for Google Pixel XL.



The thing that is making the OctOS ROM popular in the relative market is that it receives weekly updates helping it to attain the status of being perfect and simultaneously providing a tremendous amount of growth to its community. It is also based on Android 7.1.1 Nougat. You can download OctOS from the below-provided links.

Resurrection Remix OS


Resurrection is the custom ROM that is loved by the entire Android community. It is one of the most downloaded custom ROMs for Android. Compatibility with multiple Android devices and periodic updates are the key features of this amazing ROM. Moreover, the developer has even promised to take into account the suggestions provided by the users from the community. Futuristic theme engine is another highlight of this wonderful custom ROM.

Best Custom ROMs for Google Pixel & Google Pixel XL

So, we have reached to the end of our list of some of the most wonderful custom ROMs for Google Pixel & Pixel XL. If you have got any questions or queries in mind, please use the comments section for the same. If, by any chance, we have missed mentioning a great custom ROM for the Pixel device then please let us know the same and we will update the list.

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