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[How-To] Customize WhatsApp Themes and Colour on Android Oreo Without Root

In the current age of smartphone revolution; no day goes by of a person without using, the most popular social messenger application, WhatsApp. WhatsApp has become a lifeline and a best tool to stay connected with your loved ones; doesn’t matter which part of the globe you are residing. You can share photographs, videos, add emoticons in messages, use funny GIFs, set up your WhatsApp Story and much more. However, it will be more cool if we are able to change the theme of WhatsApp as by default such a feature doesn’t exist in the social messenger. For people; who do change their WhatsApp themes and fonts; are able to do so by rooting their Android smartphone.


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However; if you don’t wish to root your Android smartphone; you can still change and customize your WhatsApp themes and fonts. The new Android Oreo operating system has made this possible without the requirement of rooting permissions. A host of different options are available through which you can employ custom themes and fonts on WhatsApp. Let us dig into these options one by one.

Install Custom Themes in WhatsApp Using Substratum Without Root [STEPS]

If any of your friend is a rooted Android user; you must have heard from him regarding Substratum. Substratum is basically a theme engine which gives you control over the appearance of icons, logos and even menus of your Android operating system. Yes! Substratum does requires root permissions to operate. But; this criteria doesn’t hold if you are using an Android Oreo 8.0 operating system. An application named as ‘Andromeda’ can help you bypass the rooting requirements of Substratum.


You can easily download Substratum as well as Andromeda application from Google Play Store. Moreover, you also require the Andromeda Desktop Client along with for your Windows, Linux or MAC Computer/Laptop.

At first, you will require setting up Andromeda on your smartphone as well as computer/laptop to escalate permissions to Substratum. The permissions are provided automatically to Substratum, installed on your smartphone, once Andromeda is set up. Thereafter you can download themes from Google Play Store which are substratum compatible. All you need to see for themes which have ‘Substratum‘ suffixed or prefixed with their names. The themes, once downloaded, will be displayed in the Substratum application from where you can easily change, alter or modify and thereafter apply the theme. The theme will be applied system-wide including WhatsApp.

For detailed steps please refer to our guide to

Install/Uninstall custom themes using Substratum.

Moreover, if you own a Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ you can install Substratum on Galaxy S9/S9+ by following the steps provided in the linked guide.

Change WhatsApp Background Color From WhatsApp Settings [STEPS]

  • You can easily change the WhatsApp Background Color from WhatsApp itself. Just launch WhatsApp and navigate to Settings -> Chat -> Wallpaper.


  • From here you can select the background from five different sources i.e. Gallery, Solid Color, WhatsApp downloaded images, WhatsApp default bubble background or no background at all.
  • For changing color you can tap on the ‘Solid Color‘ option and choose the color that you desire to be as the background of your chats. It will be implemented for all your chats.

How To Change WhatsApp Keyboard Color  [STEPS]

  • If you wish to change the theme of your WhatsApp Keyboard and want it to be in sync with the solid color background that you have chosen; then you need to download GBoard (Google Keyboard) application from Google Play store.
  • Once installed navigate to Settings -> Language & Input -> Current Keyboard and select the option of GBoard.
  • From the settings of GBoard please tap on the option of ‘Theme.’
  • This option allows you to select the color of your choice for the keyboard. Tap on ‘Apply’ button after selecting the desired color and you are good to go.
  • Great! Now, when you open the keyboard for typing a message in WhatsApp; you will see your chosen color as the theme.

Customize WhatsApp Theme & Fonts on Android Oreo without Root

So, folks these were some ways through which you can customize WhatsApp themes and fonts on your smartphone running on Android Oreo without needing to root your device. In case you have any kind of question or query please use the comments section to let us know about the same. Also, if you have any other method in mind which you wish to share, please let us know by using the same comments section.

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