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[How To] Customize Samsung Galaxy S9’s Always on Display

Samsung users are very much aware of the various features that they are often experiencing on their devices for a long time. However, it is always considered to be the best thing about the Samsung devices. For instance, Samsung users are very much known about the feature to set the time and date on a screen to display permanently. So, the device users who all are seeking for the time to check whenever they want they don’t need to tap the screen to check the time and date.

Customize Samsung Galaxy S9's Always on Display

As we all know that the screen is OFF, it will lead to saving the battery life further. When it comes to always-on display, it is possible often in the Samsung devices like Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7, and Galaxy S9. You can find this specific feature in these devices. However, one should keep it in mind is that the device is not only having the time and date with the help of an always-on screen.

If you are the user of Samsung Galaxy S9, thus the Always ON display is possible to set time and date on display permanently. But the thing is you can customize it and get additional exciting features on your device.

Customize Always on Display in Samsung Galaxy S9

When it comes to customizing the option “Always ON” display screen, it is important for the users to visit the settings and then click on Lock Screen and Security. You can now find the Always On Display as well as Lock screen option. If you click on Always on Display, then you will see options.

  • Set schedule
  • Content to show
  • Auto Brightness

Set a schedule: Based on your interest, you can set the timing schedule to display on a screen. So, when you want to display the time, it will show on time.

Content to show: This option will help to display the clock widget on the display screen during the time of OFF. At the same time, you can turn OFF the home button, and still, you can see the clock widget on OFF screen. It will also help to save the battery.

Auto Brightness: You can set the brightness level of your display at any time. On the other side, you can also change the brightness level as per your wish.

Auto Brightness

Auto Brightness

Set FaceWidgets and Clock in Different Style

If you are looking forward to set the style of a clock on your device, then it is important for the user to click on the option “Clock and FaceWidgets.” Once the option is clicked, you will the features are,

  • Contact information
  • Clock Style
  • Roaming Clock
  • Face Widgets

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 Contact information: It is just the text field where you can write anything as per your wish and make it appear on the display screen. Also, for safety, you can also set the contact details in a display, in case if you lose, then it will be helpful.

Clock Style: By following the option, you can find any pre-installed styles of a clock to set on your display. Also, you can download the clock style from Samsung themes store.

Clock Style

Clock Style

Roaming clock: The user can set another clock if you are moving to new time zone. It also shows the default clock that your home time.

Face widgets: You can choose the widgets to display where you can easily choose it and use a display. For instance, you can add alarm information, schedule calendar, and music controller.

schedule calendar

schedule calendar

Conclusion: How to Customize Samsung Galaxy S9’s Always on Display

So, the users of Samsung Galaxy S9 who wants to customize the Always on Display, you can visit the settings and Always set on display option without any hassles. Hope the features available in it will be exciting to use and experience it further.

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