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best video player android

Top 10 Best Video Player Apps for Android [2020]

While a majority of the people are using the official streaming apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and Hotstar; a good number of persons utilize independent video players for the playback of different video files available in their Android mobile device. While popular codecs can

best keyboard android

Top 5 best keyboard apps for android! [2020]

Have you ever noticed that a majority of the common tasks that you perform on your mobile device utilize a Google app? For navigation you rely on Google Maps; for video calling you rely on Google Duo, and then there are Google Translate, Google Mail,

Top 10 Best Free Pokemon Games for Android! [2020]

 The craze for Pokémon refuses to die down. Recently, the Pokémon Go Augmented-Reality game created a huge buzz all over the globe. It won’t be incorrect to state that there are innumerable Pokémon fans around the world. Apart from Pokémon Go, there exists a plenitude

Top Free wallpaper apps 2020

9 best free background and wallpaper apps for Android! [2020]

The modern Android mobile devices are coming with big screens that look gorgeous with a high-quality wallpaper. However, locating a nice wallpaper for your Android mobile device could become an arduous task if you are not aware of the right apps. Wallpaper apps are the