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How to calibrate the battery on your Android phone or tablet

With the rise in the usage of the android phones, problems related to the battery are becoming a big concern now. One of the most common battery problems is the fast battery drainage. You may have noticed that the performance of the battery of any smartphone gradually gets decreased with the passing time; so it needs to be calibrated once you have detected the problem.

How to detect the problem related to the battery; is the first question among all of us. It is not a very much a difficult task; you can easily rectify the problems related to battery some of which are: faster battery drainage, swollen battery, various bulges or leaks, etc. Just put your battery on the table; if your battery doesn’t sit flat on the table anymore; it is the time to replace it as soon as possible, or otherwise you may feel some severe effects too.

how to calibrate battery in android

Battery problems are usually very annoying which make the user feel disgusted. There are plenty of reasons behind the battery malfunction; it may be due to continuous charging, overcharging, malware attack to your device, and much more. You are always advised to go for choosing a genuine battery still so that to get rid of the battery problems occasionally.

What is battery calibrating?

Most of the smartphone has an inbuilt feature known as Battery Stats which means that it can automatically make a track of battery capacity whether it is full or empty. Sometimes these battery stats can get corrupted and hence does not display the real data. Battery calibrating in simpler words is the process through which you correct the information related to a battery of your android operating system so that it could reflect the actual battery of your phone. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that you can’t calibrate the battery of your smartphone by yourself. It automatically switches off the protection switch, i.e., PCB in order to protect the batteries from exploding or deep discharging.

How to calibrate an android battery without rooting

  • Discharge your handset fully and allow it to turn off automatically.
  • Now, turn it on and allow it to turn off again so as to confirm full battery drainage.
  • Just plug in your phone into the charger.
  • Read the count of the battery through on-screen or LED indicator; once it reaches 100%; unplug the charger.
  • Now, turn on your phone and reread the battery count if it is showing 100% or not.
  • If not; plug the charger again till it shows the count 100%.
  • Once done; unplug the charger and then restart your phone.
  • If it is showing 100%, then fine and if not then allow the battery of your phone to discharge fully and then repeat the process.
  • This process will surely help you in resetting the Android System’s battery percentage.

You can simply install the tweaks to improve your battery performances once you root your device. Read More: [How-To] Flash SuperSU using TWRP recovery and Root any Android device

How to calibrate an android device with rooting

  • Discharge your handset fully and allow it to turn off automatically.
  • Now, turn it on and allow it to turn off again so as to confirm full battery drainage.
  • Now, plug into your phone into the charger without turning it on and allow it to reach the level 100%.
  • Once done; turn your handset on and read the battery count; if it is 100% then its fine and if not plug your phone into the charger and allow it to charge again.
  • Once done with the process, install Battery Calibration app on your smartphone.
  • Once done with the process; launch the app from your phone and recalibrate your battery.
  • Once you have successfully calibrated your battery; discharge your phone to full and allow it to turn off again.
  • Now fully charge your phone one more time, and now your battery percentage will be reset.

Conclusion: Battery Calibration on your Android Device

Battery drainage is one of the most usual problems among all the phone users which sometimes gets complicated if it is not resurrected in time. We have provided you the sure short methods of calibrating your battery in just a few steps. Hope it will help you a lot.

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