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Android ‘Pie’ Officially Released for Google Pixel Series of Phones

With Android P Developer Previews coming in speculations were ripe that Google is going to release the official Android 9 soon. Well! The day, for which the entire Android community was waiting, is here. Android P, officially named by Google as Android Pie, is here and is all set to be received by Pixel series of devices via OTA updates. As far as other devices are concerned, they still need to wait for some more time. However, the devices from chosen manufacturers, who actively participated in the Android P Beta Program, like OnePlus & Essential, should have the update coming up later in this week. In fact, according to an announcement made by the officials at Essential, they will be rolling out the update to its users along with its official release on Pixel series of phones.

android pie released

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Moreover, the usage of Android 9 moniker is validated and confirmed by Google rather than Android 9.0. There were lots of speculations from the Android community regarding the name of the new operating system with some suggesting pistachio or even pecan. But, Google selected to make it simple, cute and really sweet with Android ‘Pie.’

Android 9 named as Android ‘Pie’ Released | What’s There? What’s Not There?

  • Talking about features; if you have ran the Latest Developer Preview on your Android device, it will be more or less the same. The swipe based navigation, as in iPhone X, has been added to the latest Android operating system.
  • Another cool feature, that the Android Pie OS boasts of, is the ‘Adaptive Battery’ which automatically customizes its usage according to the running application.
  • But, according to Google, Digital Wellbeing, will not be a part of this update. If you are an active user of Digital Wellbeing that you need to wait for some more time to get the Android 9 version of it. Most probably, Google will release the same this upcoming fall. However, if you want to get the application immediately on your Android device, you can get the beta version from Please note that you need to sign yourself up so as to enter into the beta testing period of the Digital Wellbeing application.
  • Please note that the new Slices feature will also not be a part of the latest updated OS. However, if you wish to get that feature you probably need to wait for an unknown period of time as there is no beta of that as of now plus no official announcement has been made by Google regarding it.

Download OTA & Factory Images of Android ‘Pie’

Get your share of the pie. You can download OTA & Factory Images of the Android 9 Pie OS, provided you have the first or second generation of Pixel phone, from and respectively. So, this was all, as of now, regarding the latest Android Pie or Android 9 OS. Stay tuned with us for more information on the latest operating system. If you have a Pixel or an Essential device; please share with us your experience of using the Android Pie operating system by mentioning the same in the comments section below.

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